Peruvian Soup takes the crown in Taste Atlas


Thanks to Taste Atlas, a site that showcases global culinary delights, Peruvian cuisine has once again caught the world's eye. In their latest ranking, Peruvian soups stole the show, but the unexpected star was the shrimp chowder (chupe de Camarones), a dish that warms the soul!

Chupe de camarones soup | TreXperience
Chupe de camarones

Chupe de Camarones,” a tasty broth from Arequipa, Peru, blends the best of sea and land with its combination of fresh shrimp, yellow potatoes, corn, onions, garlic, a touch of milk and cheese, and a base of vegetables and fish broth. Scoring a 4.2 proves that sometimes, traditional is best.

Surprisingly, neither chicken (caldo de gallina) broth nor parihuela, national favorites, could outshine the shrimp chowder. However, they stayed caught up: both shared the second spot with a score of 4.1.

The menestrón soup, with its Italian roots and Peruvian heart, and parihuela, a fisherman's delight turned national treasure, showcase the richness of our cuisine. And let's not forget the chicken aguadito, third on the list, known as a comforting remedy for flu days.

Peruvian Street Food

From salchipapas to the sophisticated stuffed potato (papa rellena), one dish stands out in the streets of Peru: beef heart anticuchos. According to Taste Atlas, this delicacy earns applause with a score of 4.5, thanks to its accompaniment of boiled potatoes, corn, and that irresistibly spicy yellow chili sauce.

And for cheese and fish lovers, corn with cheese (choclo con queso) and fish anticuchos are just a little behind, both scoring a 4.3.

Anticuchos peruanos | TreXperience
Peruvian Street Food: Anticuchos in Cusco, Peru

Sweet surprise

In the world of desserts, Arequipa's frozen cheese (queso helado) takes the top prize, proving that sometimes the most unusual flavors enchant the locals and visitors from all around.

So now you know, the next time you visit Peru, make sure to try these dishes that feed the body and the soul.

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