Cusco Festivities and Inti Raymi Release

Every year, on the 24th of June, thousands of people come to the historical city of Cusco. Why? The reason is to celebrate the festival of the Sun, the Inti Raymi.

This year will not be the exception, and here, we will tell you where and when this festivities will be released.

Inti Raymi Release

Inti Raymi 2023 - Worldwide Release

Cusco's Major Hall will officially introduce the Inti Raymi 2023 festival in conjunction with the Cusco celebrations, working with Emufec.

We all know that the famous Inti Raymi takes place in Cusco on June 24 every year. Since the Inca era, this is the grandest celebration of the Sun God Inti. The current year won't be an exception.

Many national and international travelers worldwide go to Cusco to see the magnificent staging of Inti Raymi. It is a religious celebration that is attended by thousands of tourists from across the world, in addition to the residents of Cusco and the Andean region.

Cusco wants to reemerge after the trying times we've been having, at least on Peruvian territory, and what better way to do so than by showcasing the best of its culture at the Inti Raymi festival.


The introduction of our charming Cusco festivities will take place on the Qoricancha esplanade on Friday, March 31.

We will learn what the festival of the sun has in store for us this year through a staging many artists, live performances, and traditional music. Remember, we have a meeting on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

As if that weren't enough, this launch will also occur in the following 2 places:

  1. You may also see the beginning of this significant festival on April 14 in Lima on the Huaca Pucllana esplanade.
  2. Globally, the Inca's imperial entourage and some of the Inti Raymi participants will be presented on May 23 in New York. All these musicians will go to the US to participate in the launch.

The mayor of Cusco highlights the significance of this kind of event is improve Cusco's economy and promoting travel to and attendance at the aforementioned cultural events.