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TreXperience is a Local Tour company offering unique experiences in Cusco, machu Picchu, and all Peru, such as the Sacred Valley Tour, Inca Trail, and Machu Picchu tours by train. Our goal is to offer visitors more authentic, immersive and rewarding tours while often taking less-traveled paths and connecting them with local culture.

Why Choose TreXperience:

  • Sustainable Tourism: Our company is dedicated to responsible and sustainable tourism practices, with an aim of having a positive impact on local communities by employing local workers at fair wages, supporting social projects and hiring locally.
  • Cultural Immersion: We organize tours and activities to allow travelers to engage with local culture more deeply, including visits to homes, schools, and farms in their region.
  • Experienced Guides: Our tour guides are highly knowledgeable about Peruvian history and culture and play an invaluable role in providing an exceptional tour experience to tour participants.
  • Camping Comfort: On multi-day treks, We provides comfortable camping gear such as spacious tents, mattresses and portable toilets to make each trek enjoyable and satisfying for hikers.

Do you need assistance? please contact us is here or email us directly at, also at +51 957 011 937 (Call or WhatsApp) available 24/7