Embark on the ultimate 7-day Trek from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu. This trail connects these two iconic Inca sites and promises an exciting journey starting from the remote ruins of Choquequirao, nested high in the Andes, and ending at the legendary World Wonder of Machu Picchu.

This trek is a solid challenge covering about 65 kilometers, but the rewards are well worth it. Throughout the trip, you'll get jaw-dropping canyon views, ancient history, and a Cloud Forest spectacle that's absolutely off the charts. Test your endurance on this expedition! 

Choquequirao to Machu Picchu 7 Days Trek

While Machu Picchu is one of the best attractions in the world, Choquequirao still remains less visited. This doesn't mean it's less spectacular. What if we tell you that Choquequirao is bigger? Hard to imagine, right? This expedition will precisely combine these amazing trails to reach these two Inca wonders. Both are tucked away on stunning mountain hills, but Choquequirao can only be reached on foot, which gives you an idea of the task!

Starting from Cusco, we'll delve into the Apurimac Canyon, one of the deepest in Peru. It'll be 5 days of hiking across the Choquequirao Trail rolling mountains to the wonder itself, located at more than 3,000 m (9,974 ft). We'll challenge ourselves down to the Apurimac River foot and then climb to the top of the site. After unveiling the most recent discoveries of Choquequirao, you'll join other trekkers on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. You'll get a glimpse of the Cloud Forest and spend one night in a hotel before the big day.

Tour Highlights:

  • Connect Choquequirao to Machu Picchu, hiking the less crowded part of the Inca Trails.
  • Visit the mysterious Choquequirao Inca Site.
  • Witness the Apurimac Canyon, the deepest in Peru.
  • Enjoy a full exploration of Machu Picchu with an expert guide.
  • Watch flora and fauna on the way, including the beautiful Andean Condor.
  • Book with Confidence and Flexibility

Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu at a Glance

  • Day 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Chikiska – Santa Rosa

Pick up from your hotel at 4:am and drive to the start of the Trail at Capuliyoc; the hike takes 4 hours down and  2 hours up to the first Campsite at Santa Rosa (2095m/6873ft).

  • Day 2: Santa Rosa – Marampata – Choquequirao

Wake up early and hike for 2 hours up to Marampata and then two more hours to Choquequirao Inca Site; spend the afternoon exploring and discovering the great Inca City, considered the twin sister of Machu Picchu.

  • Day 3: Choquequirao – Pinchiunuyoc – Rio Blanco

After breakfast with the spectacular views of the mountains, start the hike with 1 hour up to the pass, then hike down for 6 hours to the 3rd Campsite located at (1880m / 6167ft)

  • Day 4: Rio Blanco – Maizal – Pajonal

After breakfast, the most challenging day of the Trek, hike up for 4 hours to Maizal (2891m / 9488 ft.). Next, another steep climb for 4 hours until the Campsite at  Pajonal (4000m /13124ft).

  • Day 5: Pajonal – Yanama – Lucmabamba

Wake up early and get ready for the final part of the hike in the Choquequirao region. 1-hour up to San Juan pass, then 3 hours down to the village of Yanama, from where we take the bus to Lucmabamba (2100m/ 6869ft)

  • Day 6: Lucmabamba – Llaqtapata – Aguas Calientes

Early in the Morning, visit the coffee farms, start climbing the last mountain along the Inca trail to Llaqtapata, and hike for 3 hours along the train tracks to Aguas Calientes. Spend the night in a Hotel.

  • Day 7: Machu Picchu – Cusco

On the Final Daytake the first bus back up to Machu Picchu and explore the best of Machu Picchu with your tour guide. Later in the afternoon, take the Vistadome panoramic train Back to Cusco. Drop off at your hotel around 7.30 pm.


  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel In Cusco
  • All transportation during the tour
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Second Tour Guide for groups of 9+
  • Chef, porters, muleteers
  • Cargo mules to carry food and 7 kg of your equipment
  • Drinkable water except for the last day
  • All meals are included except the last day’s lunch and dinner
  • Camping equipment (tents, table, chairs, portable toilet)
  • Five nights camping with comfortable equipment
  • One night 3-star hotel in Aguas Calientes
  • Sleeping foam mattress, pillows, sheets
  • First aid kit, satellite phones, oxygen bottle
  • Entry fees to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu
  • Bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes
  • Vistadome Panoramic Train back to Cusco

Not Included

  • Sleeping Bag, trekking poles, air mattress (Can be hired from us)
  • Last day lunch and dinner
  • Entrance to Huayna Picchu Mountain
  • Access to Machu Picchu Mountain (Different form MP citadel)
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Travel Insurance (strongly recommended)

Extra hikes after Machu Picchu Tour:

You can hike this mountain after the Machu Picchu tour, which takes 2 hours roundtrip. You need to book far in advance.

Also called Machu Picchu Montaña, it is the highest mountain, and hiking takes almost 3 hours.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Chikiska – Santa Rosa

After being collected from your hotel at 4:30 am, drive for 4 hours to the trailhead located at the village of Capuliyoc. On the way, you will visit the Inca site of Sayhuite, an enormous monolithic rock with geometrical and animal figures, considered an engineering map that shows the complex irrigation system of the area. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, You will meet the trekking staff and start the Trek to the great “lost cities of the Incas.” The first 4 hours downhill to Chickiska, starting the hike in the highlands into the Apurimac Canyon, where the weather is warmer. Lunch is served by your trekking chef using fresh products from the area. The second part of the day is 2.5 hours uphill to the campsite in Santa Rosa village.

  • Hiking Distance: 12 km / 7.5 mi
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Campsite Altitude: 2,095 m  / 6,873 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 2,970 m / 9,744 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty: Challenging 

Day 2: Santa Rosa – Marampata – Choquequirao

After breakfast, you will start the most challenging part of the tour. The hike begins with a 4-hour zig-zag climb to Marampata, where lunch will be waiting for you with a fantastic view of the mountains and a wide variety of flora and fauna. After lunch, hike for two more hours to the Choquequirao Inca Site. In the afternoon, you can go to explore and enjoy the sunset. The campsite is located near the archaeological site.

  • Hiking Distance: 9 km / 5.6 mi
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Campsite Altitude: 2,900 m / 9,514 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 3,050 m / 10,007 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Day 3: Choquequirao – Pinchiunuyoc – Rio Blanco

Wake up with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea in your tent while enjoying the Andes view. You will have a guided tour of the most impressive sights at the great citadel of Choquequirao. After lunch, you will ascend for 1 hour to Choquequirao pass; next is a 3-hour downhill until the Inca Site of Pinchiuniyoc. After exploring the ancient terraces, you will continue for 2-more hours downhill. The Campsite is at Rio Blanco (1880 m / 6167 ft) – Be sure you bring a good mosquito repellent.

  • Hiking Distance: 12 km / 7.5 mi
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Campsite Altitude: 1,880 m / 6168 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 3,300 m / 10,827 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Day 4: Rio Blanco – Maizal – Pajonal

After breakfast, you will continue the Trek; the first part is a 4-hour challenging zig-zag climb to Maizal (2891m / 9488 ft.). After enjoying a well-deserved lunch, you will continue a steep climb for 4 hours until the Campsite at  Pajonal at (4000m /13124ft). Along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful views of farming lands, native plants, birds, and the ancient Victoria Mines.

  • Hiking Distance: 13 km / 8 mi
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Campsite Altitude: 4,000 m / 13,123 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 4,150 m / 13,615 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Day 5: Pajonal – Yanama – Lucmabamba

After breakfast, hike for 1 hour to San Juan Pass at (4210m/135549). Once reaching the top, you’ll take some time to enjoy the mountains’ fantastic vistas; then you will go down the hill for 3 hours until the Village of Yanama at (3700m /12139ft). After lunch, say goodbye to the muleteers and take the transportation to Lucmabamba (2100m/6890ft. I spent the night in a coffee farmer’s house.

  • Hiking Distance: 6 km / 3.7 mi
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Campsite Altitude: 2,100 m / 6,890 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 4210 m / 13,812 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Day 6: Lucmabamba – Llaqtapata – Aguas Calientes

Wake up among coffee and avocado trees, visit the organic coffee farm, and learn the process of harvesting. Then, you will follow for 3 hours through an ancient Inca Trail up to Llaqta. You will have the first and best view of the Great Inca city of Machu Picchu. After enjoying the sights, you will continue down to hydroelectric for lunch, then hike for three more hours, the final part along the train tracks to Aguas Calientes. Spend the night in a Hotel at Aguas Calientes.

  • Hiking Distance: 14 km / 8.7 mi 
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Aguas Calientes Altitude: 2,000 m / 6,562 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 2,800 m / 9,186 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Day 7: Machu Picchu – Cusco

Waking up early and preparing for the Trek’s most important day, you will take the first bus back up to Machu Picchu to enter before sunrise. You will see the most important streets, plazas, and temples. After the guided tour, you will have time to explore by yourself or hike to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain (Extra hikes different from the citadel). In the afternoon, take the Vistadome panoramic train back to Cusco.  Drop off at your hotel around 7.30 pm, where the Choquequiro trek to Machu Picchu ends.

  • Guided Tour Duration: 2-3 hours in Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu Altitude: 2,430 m / 7,972 ft
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Difficulty: Easy

Price for the Choquequirao Trek 7 Days

Price per person: 

  • From US$ 998

To book the Choquequirao Trek 7 Days, you need to make an initial payment of US$ 400 per person; the remaining balance can be paid online or at our office in Cusco with any card and without booking fees. 

Student Discount: 

  • US$ 40 off

All travelers under 17 have a $40 discount. If you are 25 years old or under when traveling, you can get the discount with your Student ID. Please send us an email to receive a code for the discount.

Valid Student ID for the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu:

To get the student discount, travelers should have a Valid ID with the following:

  • 25 years or less at the time of entering Machu Picchu. Older than 25 can not enter as a student.
  • The ID must have the Name of the university, name, and photo of the student.
  • The ID must have a valid expiration date.

Machu Picchu Valid Student ID TreXperience

Invalid Student IDs:

Student IDs are not eligible for a discount when:

  • Traveler is older than 25
  • Expired ID
  • Student ID without expiration date
  • ISIC cards are not valid. 

Invalid student ID for Machu Picchu TreXperience

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Packing List for the Choquequirao Trek 7 Days

You'll need good hiking gear for Choquequirao Trail to Machu Picchu, as you'll be in the wild for several days. Here's everything you need to take on your trip:


  • Original Passport: Must be valid for 6 months beyond your travel dates to Peru.
  • Valid Student card (if you’d booked as a student)
  • Hiking boots: Good, comfortable, and broken-in hiking shoes.
  • A daypack: We recommend a 25-liter backpack. Lightweight and comfortable, with enough room to carry water, snacks, and a few other essentials.
  • Water container: Bring a water bottle or Camelback for at least 2 liters. Make sure it's reusable.
  • Extra money: 
  • Toiletries and personal medication:

What to Pack in the Daypack:

  • Rain gear is very necessary
  • Sun protection every day
  • Warm clothes, hat, and gloves
  • Comfortable clothing for seven days
  • Insect repellent is very important
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Personal medication, band-aids, moleskin
  • Flashlight and extra batteries

What to Pack in the Duffle Bag:



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