New Ticketing Website for Machu Picchu to Launch in August


MINCUL will launch a new online ticketing portal for Machu Picchu in August.

Machu Picchu citadel | TreXperience

The Ministry of Culture (MINCUL) has announced the launching a new online ticketing portal for archaeological sites and museums, including the iconic Machu Picchu, this August. "We will start a trial run in the first week of July to ensure a smooth experience during the national holidays. The official launch is scheduled for August," MINCUL confirmed.

Currently, tickets for the Inca citadel are sold through "", managed by Joinnus, which has faced some disruptions. This prompted MINCUL to develop its portal in collaboration with other ministries.

Innovative features to enhance user experience

In addition to traditional payment methods, the new website will support digital wallets, broadening access for more users. "The portal is already in a prototype stage, with the necessary functionalities and design. It will accept payments via debit and credit cards and incorporate digital wallets like Yape and Plin," MINCUL added, highlighting the ministry's commitment to developing mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms to simplify user interaction.

This innovative approach modernizes ticketing and promises to improve the visitor experience. It will ensure that one of Peru's most treasured sites is more efficient, user-friendly, and accessible.

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