Peru will require visas for Mexican Citizens


Peru has decided to impose a temporary visa requirement on Mexicans wishing to visit the South American country following Mexico's announcement of new conditions for Peruvian citizens starting April 20.

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In a recent statement, Peru's Ministry of Foreign Affairs established that Mexican citizens must apply for a visa for short stays in Peru. This measure arises in response to the principle of reciprocity between sovereign nations and follows the Mexican government's decision to impose similar requirements on Peruvian visitors.

Authorities imposed this temporary visa for Mexicans wishing to visit Peru after Mexico announced new conditions for Peruvian citizens starting April 20. The Peruvian Foreign Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with this measure, indicating, "This decision negatively affects efforts to strengthen bilateral relations and compromises the initiatives of the Pacific Alliance aimed at facilitating the free movement of people between the two countries."

Mutual Exceptions

However, authorities have announced certain exceptions to the new regulation. Mexicans who hold valid visas for the Schengen Area and visas issued by the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, and Japan will be exempt from this new measure. Similarly, those with permanent residency in these countries and in the states of the Pacific Alliance will be able to enter Peru without needing a visa.

This measure emphasizes the importance of dialogue and cooperation between Peru and Mexico, highlighting the hope of both nations to find solutions that facilitate the mobility of their citizens shortly.

The measure will take effect in 15 days

The government of Peru officially requires visas for Mexican tourists, and the policy takes effect in 15 days. Authorities formalized this policy through Supreme Decree N° 011-2024-RE, published in the Official Gazette El Peruano.

As mentioned, this new regulation specifies that Mexican citizens with a visa with a minimum validity of six months issued by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, or any member state of the Schengen Area will be exempt from the visa requirement.

This policy aims to strengthen security and manage tourist flows, although it also poses challenges for attracting visitors from one of its main markets. The Peruvian government and tourism sector stakeholders hope to find a balance that allows for the continued promotion of inbound tourism without compromising the implemented regulatory measures.