Peru removes Visa Requirement for Mexican Visitors


The Government of Peru has removed the visa requirement for Mexican citizens wishing to visit the country.

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In a move that underscores its commitment to boosting tourism and regional integration, the Peruvian Government has decided to eliminate the visa requirement for Mexican citizens looking to visit Peru. This action announced through an official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responds to repeated requests from the tourism sector and related entities, highlighting the importance of free movement within the member countries of the Pacific Alliance.

The revocation of the Supreme Decree requiring visas for Mexican visitors reflects Peru's desire to strengthen ties of cooperation and friendship with Mexico and promote greater regional integration. "With this measure, we reaffirm our spirit of unity with the Mexican people and our belief in the benefits of free mobility," the statement notes, emphasizing Peru's commitment to the fundamental principles of the Pacific Alliance.

This policy aims to increase the number of Mexican visitors to Peru and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, thereby enriching cultural and economic exchange.

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