Mexico postpones Visa requirement for Peruvians until May 6


In a recent update, the Government of Mexico announced the postponement of the new visa policy's start date for Peruvian citizens, which was initially set for April 20.

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The measure will now take effect on May 6, as published in the Official Gazette (DOF) and signed by Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of the Interior. This extension gives Peruvian travelers additional time to adjust their travel plans without the immediate need to apply for a visa.

Despite the official publication in the DOF, the website of the Mexican Embassy in Peru still needs to be updated with the new implementation date. The visa will still be required on April 20. The Embassy is expected to make the necessary updates in the coming hours to reflect this change in its official communications.

This postponement is part of a series of adjustments in immigration policies that the Government of Mexico is implementing to facilitate cultural and commercial exchanges while maintaining border security. The decision has been well received by travel groups and trade associations in Peru, who see this extension as an opportunity to continue strengthening ties between the two countries.

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed satisfaction with the decision and urged Peruvian travelers to take advantage of the additional time to ensure they meet all requirements before the new deadline.