Festivals in Cusco 2024: 150+ activities to celebrate in June

Cusco gears up for a June packed with events and celebrations, attracting thousands of international visitors.

Cusco festivities | TreXperience
Parade of typical Cusco dances during its jubilee month.
Festivals in Cusco | TreXperience
Several onstitutions pay tribute to Cusco with traditional dances.

Main festivities

One of the most anticipated events is the Inti Raymi Festival, honoring the Sun God, which has become a significant tourist attraction. Additionally, over 150 activities organized by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco and Emufec will take place, including the Pachamama Offering, the Q’eswachaka Inca Bridge Renewal, the Civic Parade, and the Kacharpari closing ceremony.

Authorities expect 150,000 tourists, driven by the APEC event and the visit of Tourism Ministers from 21 economies. Current hotel occupancy is between 60% and 80%, reflecting growing interest in these festivities. 

Why June is the jubilee month in Cusco, Peru?

June is known as the jubilee month due to numerous activities linked to Andean cosmology and Inca roots. The festivities offer unique visual spectacles and insights into the Andean worldview, highlighting the importance of Pachamama and celestial bodies in solemn ceremonies.

Festivals in Cusco during June 2024

June: Start of the Jubilee Festivities of Cusco 2024

Saturday 01: Pachamama Offering

Sunday 02: Great Race "Qosqo 10K Hatun Phaway 2024"

Thursday 06:

  • Start of the annual ritual of the Inca Bridge Renewal of Qeswachaka
  • Octave of the Corpus Christi Cusqueño Festivity
  • Law School Tuna Presentation

Saturday 08:

  • Light Salute Parade to Cusco
  • Female Tuna Presentation

Monday 10:

  • Parade of typical Cusco dances by kindergarten educational institutions
  • Parade in honor of the Virgin of Carmen

Tuesday 11: Parade of typical Cusco dances by primary educational institutions

Wednesday 12: Parade of typical Cusco dances by secondary educational institutions

Thursday 13: Parade of typical dances by higher education institutes

Friday 14:

  • Parade of the Technological University of the Andes - UTEA Cusco
  • Cusco City Rally Haquira-Ccorca Route
  • Gala concert by the Cusco Symphony Orchestra

Saturday 15: Canine Parade

Sunday 16: Allegory Parade 2024 - Diego Quispe Tito National Art University

Monday 17: Parade of Andean University

Tuesday 18: Parade of the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco

Wednesday 19: Parade of comparsas and allegories of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega School

Thursday 20:

  • Mega light and sound event
  • Gala concert by the 5th Mountain Brigade Band

Friday 21:

  • Parade of Continental University
  • Gala concert by the National Police of Peru Band

Saturday 22: Parade of the 13 provinces - Salute to Cusco

Sunday 23: Start of the grand civic parade

Monday 24: Inti Raymi Ceremony, the Festival of the Sun

Sunday 30: Launch of the festivities of the Virgin of Carmen of Huarocondo.

Inti Raymi in Cusco | TreXperience
Inti Raymi Festival with hundreds of performers on stage.

Important Note | These festivities are held at various critical locations in Cusco's historic center, including Plaza de Armas, the Municipality of Cusco, and the Temple of Qoricancha.

Cusco is set for a June full of tradition, culture, and economic growth, cementing its status as a top-tier tourist destination.