Cusco prepares for Holy Week, filled with Faith and Tradition


Holy Week in Cusco stands as one of Peru's most profound and spectacular religious and cultural celebrations, blending Catholic traditions brought by the Spaniards with ancient Andean customs.

Procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes in Cusco. Holy Week in Cusco Peru | TreXperience
Procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes in Cusco

During Holy Week, Cusco transforms into a vibrant tableau of faith, culture, and tradition, attracting the faithful from across Peru and visitors worldwide. This year, the city promises an even more memorable commemoration, filled with events that merge Catholic practices with indigenous beliefs:

Palm Sunday

The week begins with the blessing of palms, taking on a unique touch in Cusco with handmade creations that include not just palms but native plants.

Procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes, “Señor de los Temblores”

On Holy Monday, the venerated image of the "Señor de Los Temblores," believed to have stopped a 17th-century earthquake, is paraded through the city, forging a tangible link between the community's faith and divine protection. Adorned with ñucchu flowers, the image becomes the focus of all eyes, reflecting the deep spirituality of this time for reflection and renewal.

Holy Thursday

This day commemorates the Last Supper and includes the tradition of visiting the “Seven Churches” to pray and admire specially decorated altars.

Good Friday

Good Friday in Cusco features reenactments of Jesus's Passion and Death and processions that mirror the day's mourning and solemnity. Devotees reflect and pray, with some areas staging reenactments of the Stations of the Cross.

Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday

Holy Saturday in Cusco, or the Easter Vigil, leads into Easter Sunday when people celebrate Jesus' resurrection with joyful masses and celebrations.

Holy Week Traditions in Cusco, Peru

The tradition of the 12 dishes is a culinary practice observed in Cusco and other regions of Peru. The idea is to prepare and consume twelve dishes on Holy Thursday, representing Jesus' twelve apostles.

During Holy Week, Cusqueñan families gather to share traditional meals that adhere to Catholic fasting and abstinence from red meat. Typical dishes include:

  • Fish and Seafood: As an alternative to red meat, enjoyed in various dishes.
  • Soup and Broths: Made with local ingredients like quinoa, corn, and vegetables.
  • Holy Week Empanadas in Cusco: Traditional sweet empanadas offer a lighter option.
  • Traditional Desserts: Include rice pudding, purple corn pudding, and more.
Desserts in Cusco Peru | TreXperience
Traditionals desserts in Cusco

Holy Week in Cusco, Peru is more than just a holiday; it's an encounter with history, culture, and faith in one of the world's most extraordinary settings.

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