Cusco Airport surpasses 2019 passenger figures


Cusco's Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport has reported a significant uptick in its recovery from the pandemic, as passenger numbers in the first two months of 2024 exceeded those of the same period in 2019.

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Cusco Airport

According to the latest data from the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC), the airport welcomed 568,492 arrivals via domestic and international flights in January and February 2024, marking an increase of nearly 3% from 552,042 during the same timeframe in 2019.

This modest but positive growth highlights the first instance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, where a Peruvian airport has recorded higher passenger traffic compared to pre-pandemic levels. Notably, these figures still need to catch up to the passenger counts from early 2020.

A strong January primarily drove the growth, showing a 6.3% increase over January 2019. It's important to note that these figures represent only passenger counts and do not necessarily indicate the reasons for travel, which can vary widely and are not limited solely to tourism.

This development is seen as a hopeful sign of ongoing recovery and resilience within Peru's aviation and tourism sectors, suggesting a gradual return to normalcy and potentially more robust performance in the coming months.

More on Cusco Airport

The Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport in Cusco operates domestic flights and some international routes, connecting the imperial city with major cities in Peru and selected destinations in Latin America. However, most international flights require a connection through Lima.

Additionally, an ongoing project to construct a new international airport in Chinchero, about 30 km from Cusco, is underway. This new airport is designed to handle a higher volume of traffic and alleviate some of the operational and congestion issues faced by Velasco Astete while also aiming to reduce the environmental and urban impact on Cusco.