Raqchi Recognized Globally: Highlighted by the United Nations


The World Tourism Organization, under the auspices of the United Nations, has honored Raqchi, the Temple of the God Wiracocha in Cusco, as one of the most significant tourist destinations worldwide.

Raqchi Temple of the God Wiracocha Cusco | TreXperience

Raqchi takes center stage internationally! Also known as the historic Temple of the God Wiracocha, Raqchi has been declared one of the world's most exceptional tourist destinations by the esteemed World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a specialized agency of the United Nations.

The community of Raqchi, located in the San Pedro district of Canchis province in Cusco, has become a focal point of global admiration. After a selection process that reviewed more than 130 locations from 57 countries worldwide, the prestigious distinction awarded by the UNWTO highlights the Archaeological Park of Raqchi as a site brimming with cultural richness and historical heritage.

The award ceremony, held in Istanbul, Turkey, was graced by the presence of Professor Modesta Challco Inca, mayor of the San Pedro District Municipality, who dazzled attendees by wearing a traditional costume that reflects the pride and identity of her community.

This honor recognizes the site's unparalleled beauty and archaeological importance and its potential to inspire travelers worldwide to explore the wonders of Cusco, Peru.

Source: Gercetur Cusco