Paddington at Machu Picchu: Movie promises to boost tourism in Peru

The much-anticipated movie Paddington in Peru will premiere on November 8 in the UK. It will showcase Machu Picchu as a key location.

Paddington in Peru | TreXperience
Official poster of the movie Paddington in Peru

Directed by Paul King and based on Michael Bond's beloved literary character, this film could significantly boost Peru's tourism, similar to the impact seen with "Transformers."

The trailer features the famous bear Paddington and actor Antonio Banderas in an exciting scene at Machu Picchu. However, it needs to be clarified if the site is real or digitally recreated. The movie poster shows Paddington sailing down a river with Machu Picchu in the background, a captivating image that, despite not being entirely realistic, is likely to capture the public's imagination and position Peru as a dream destination for millions.

Peru's Ministry of Culture has supported the production by providing the necessary permits for filming in the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park and on Huayna Picchu Mountain. With a global release in January 2025 in the United States, the film has the potential to significantly boost Peru's tourism, highlighting its culture and heritage worldwide.

Key details about "Paddington in Peru":

  • Release date: November 8 in the UK, January 2025 in the US.
  • Tourism impact: Expected to renew interest in Peru, akin to previous significant productions.
  • Official collaboration: Peru's Ministry of Culture provided logistical support and filming permits at iconic sites like Machu Picchu.