Machu Picchu: Unique World Wonder with Carbon Neutral Certification

Machu Picchu Peru Sanctuary has officially received the "Carbon Neutral Destination" distinction.

Machu Picchu with Carbon Neutral Certification | TreXperience

On the 17th anniversary of its proclamation as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the Machu Picchu Sanctuary has officially received the "Carbon Neutral Destination" distinction. This certification positions Peru as a leader in environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change globally.

Green Initiative, a recognized authority in the tourism sector, awarded the certification, highlighting Machu Picchu's achievement of decarbonization goals. Notable initiatives include solid waste management and the promotion of a circular economy.

The executive president of PROMPERÚ emphasized the sector's ongoing commitment to sustainability: "In both the public and private sectors, we all have the responsibility to ensure that economic growth goes hand in hand with sustainable environmental management."

The certification assessed Machu Picchu's carbon emissions in 2019 and the actions implemented for effective waste management, as well as raising awareness among local residents, businesses, and hotels.

This achievement consolidates Machu Picchu's status as a global heritage icon and as a leader in sustainable practices in global tourism. Check Machu Picchu tours.