Luxury hotel Belmond Sanctuary Lodge to cease operations at Machu Picchu


The iconic luxury hotel will cease operations in 2025 to accommodate an interpretation center dedicated to the wonder of the world.

The famous Sanctuary Lodge will no longer be a hotel. Source: Exitosa

"No more!", says a famous news portal. The Sanctuary Lodge hotel in Machu Picchu, owned by the mayor of Lima, Rafael Lopez Aliaga, will no longer operate. This was announced by the regional governor of Cusco, Werner Salcedo Alvarez, putting an end to a dispute over the land given to concession for the operation of the luxury lodge.

The property, which is located at the entrance of the 'llaqta' (a Quechua word that refers to a town or city) and is managed by Peru Belmond Hotels, will be transformed into an interpretation center dedicated to the wonder of the world.

According to declarations made by Governor Salcedo Álvarez to the newspaper La República, this measure arose in response to the need to "maximize social and cultural benefits" as opposed to market dynamics. However, control over the land where the luxury hotel is built will be re-established in 2025, at the end of the current contract.

The concession contract, which began in 1995 and was extended by a controversial addendum, has led to a reconsideration of its usefulness.

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel | TreXperience
The Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, known for its exclusivity, will change its function to become a space for cultural interpretation of Machu Picchu. Photo: Belmond
Sanctuary Lodge Hotel Room | TreXperience
One of the luxury rooms that this hotel has. Photo: Belmond

The measure is supported by three ministries of Dina Boluarte's government

This decision not to extend the addendum to the Sanctuary Lodge hotel and to put an end to the current concession contract with the aforementioned hotel chain was supported by the signing of the 'Machu Picchu Declaration', a recent agreement between ministers and authorities of Cusco to put an end to a regional strike.

Among the eleven points agreed upon, it is specified that the Regional Government of Cusco will initiate procedures to allocate the facilities of the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge to an interpretation center, which will have the collaboration of the Ministries of Culture, Foreign Trade and Tourism, and the Environment.

"It will not be concessioned to any company; it is a decision to install the interpretation center. The concession never brought us any benefit," said the regional governor of Cusco, Walter Salcedo, highlighting the regional government's commitment to the preservation and enhancement of heritage.


Sources: Infobae

Published: February 6, 2024