Inti Raymi 2024 Official Announce in Cusco


Cusco announces the traditional Inti Raymi, the most important Inca Celebration in 2024.

Inti Raymi Celebration | TreXperience
Inti Raymi Celebration. Photo: Warner Rios

The Inti Raymi is the celebration of the Sun, Inti in Quechua, and the most important Inca God. Moreover, it was the most significant festivity of the Inca Empire. The celebration remembrances the original tradition in a massive event recreated every year in Cusco. The festivity takes place on June 24th, during the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. This was believed to be the start of the year for the Inca Empire.

The Municipal Institution for Festivities and Tourist Promotion of Cusco organizes the modern Inti Raymi. This great event starts with over a thousand actors at the Qorikancha, Golden Temple located in the center of the city. After that, the representation and crowd move to the Main Square to continue and finally, all reach the sacred site of Saqsayhuaman, to continue with the ceremony.

Qoya at the Inti Raymi | TreXperience
Qoya at the Inti Raymi
Inca at the Inti Raymi | TreXperience
Inca During the Celebration

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Inti Raymi Activities for 2024

This year, the preparations for the Inti Raymi started in January with the announcement of the Inca, the most important person in the empire, and the Qoya, its wife. Both are selected based on their artistic career and origins.

Furthermore, the official launch was held on January 19th in the Qorikancha. The presentation offered artistic performances and a theatrical representation of the most important Inca characters. Likewise, the place was decorated with colorful lights and implemented with great music equipment. The topic for this year was "Inca Mythology"

Inti Raymi Launching in Qorikancha | TreXperience
Inti Raymi Launching in Qorikancha. Photo: Diego Tisoc

The Tourism Sector expects to receive more visitors around June. That is why the Inti Raymi will also be presented in Lima on February 15th and further in Miami on March 16th to promote Cusco Tourism and appreciation of the Inca culture legacy.

Sources: EMUFEC
Published on January 20th, 2024.