Enhancing security for Cusco Festivals and Inti Raymi 2024

For events such as the Night of Light and Sound and the staging of Inti Raymi, Cusco heavier security controls will be in place.

Night of Light and Sound in Cusco | TreXperience
Night of Light and Sound in Cusco
Inti Raymi | TreXperience
The Festival of Inti Raymi

In a recent press conference, the mayor of Cusco, along with representatives from various institutions, introduced Plan Sol, a strategy aimed at ensuring safety and order during the city's jubilee festivities. These celebrations, including the Night of Light and Sound and the traditional staging of Inti Raymi 2024, will see enhanced security measures to protect attendees and prevent criminal activities.

Strict measures for Night of Light and Sound

For the Night of Light and Sound event, scheduled for Thursday, June 20th, in Cusco's Plaza Mayor, alcoholic beverage entry will be rigorously controlled. Approximately 200 police officers and 150 municipal guards will be deployed at strategic points to ensure security at all access points. Additionally, metal barriers will be erected around the plaza to manage crowd flow and prevent dangerous overcrowding.

Additional prohibitions and measures

To prevent any risk, dangerous objects, and alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the event area. Local authorities, in collaboration with the police and the municipality, will conduct thorough checks to ensure compliance with these measures. Rapid response units will also be on hand to deal with any emergencies that may arise during the festivities.

Preparations for Inti Raymi

Similarly, the staging of Inti Raymi, set for June 24th at three main venues in the city, will also feature a significant security deployment. Authorities have confirmed that similar measures will be in place to ensure the safety of attendees and prevent any incidents that could mar the celebrations.

A call to the community

Lastly, we urge everyone to enjoy Cusco's festivities responsibly and collaboratively, respecting the security measures in place and helping to maintain order and safety in the city during this important month of celebration.

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