"El País" spotlights Top 5 Family Destinations in Peru

In a recent publication, "El País," the leading newspaper in Cali, Colombia, highlighted five perfect family-friendly destinations in Peru.

Machu Picchu in family | TreXperience
Visit Machu Picchu in family

The article, reaching over 206,000 people, forms part of PROMPERÚ's international communication strategy to diversify and promote Peru's tourism offerings in Colombia. It highlights several cities you can visit with your family in Peru, including:


Cusco, the ancient heart of the Inca Empire, offers an immersion in Andean history and culture. From exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu to discovering the Sacred Valley, Cusco is an educational and thrilling destination for all ages.


Peru's capital, Lima, is a vibrant mix of colonial history and urban modernity. Families can enjoy interactive museums, coastal parks, and world-renowned cuisine, ideal for introducing children to Peru's rich culinary culture.


Ica is a fascinating destination known for its stunning desert, the beautiful Ballestas Islands, and the historic Nazca Lines. Families can explore the enigmatic legacy of ancient cultures and enjoy activities like buggy rides and sandboarding in the dunes.


Loreto invites families to explore the Amazon's biodiversity. Jungle excursions, wildlife spotting, and visits to local indigenous communities offer an educational and thrilling experience in nature.

La Libertad

In La Libertad, families can explore the ancient ruins of Chan Chan, the largest mud city in America, and enjoy the sunny northern Peruvian beaches, perfect for relaxing after a day of cultural discovery.

This feature in "El País" reinforces Peru's appeal as a diverse and family-friendly tourist destination, broadening its recognition in the international market, especially among Colombian travelers.