Cusco will showcase its Jubilee Festivities and INTI RAYMI 2024 in Miami, USA


Cusco will bring the splendor of Inti Raymi 2024 and its jubilee festivities to Miami this March 16.

Inti Raymi Cusco Peru | TreXperience
Festival of the Sun Inti Raymi. @emufec

At a recent press conference, the president of EMUFEC announced details about the international celebration of Inti Raymi 2024 and Cusco's jubilee festivities, scheduled for this Saturday, March 16, in Miami, USA. The event will take place in the iconic Maurice A. Ferré Park at 11:00 AM (Peruvian time) and promises to be a festival of culture and tradition.

This event will feature 15 performers, including the Inca and the Qoya, accompanied by a representative from EMUFEC's board and administrative staff, who will bring a piece of Cusco's rich heritage to Miami. The celebration aims to share the cultural significance of Inti Raymi with the world and strengthen ties between Peru and the international community through art and tradition.

The National Radio and Television Institute and Emufec's digital platform will ensure that no one misses this magnificent presentation, broadcasting the event live for viewers worldwide. Miami is preparing to host an unprecedented show that promises to leave an indelible mark on everyone's heart.

What is Inti Raymi?

Inti Raymi, or the Festival of the Sun, was the largest and most important celebration during the Inca Empire. It was a religious celebration dedicated to the Sun god, Inti, the most revered deity in the Inca religion. The main ceremony occurred during the winter solstice, marking the beginning of the year in the Andean world.

To learn more about the main ceremony performed by the Incas, please visit our Inti Raymi blog.

SOURCE: Emufec