Cusco Children's Christmas Chocolate Gathering

Co-Authors: Mauricio Huaman

On December 23rd, our team brought happiness to more than 50 children in a beautiful Christmas chocolate party, full of laughter and games, in the Lares and Ollantaytambo districts of Cusco.


Christmas chocolate in Lares and ollantaytambo | TreXperience
Christmas chocolate for Peruvian children

We are committed to our community, and that is why every year, we organize a visit to bring toys and hot Christmas chocolate to the children of Cusco's impoverished areas. This region currently has a poverty rate of 21.7%, which is concentrated in its rural parts and high Andean provinces. As a result of this circumstance, vulnerable segments of people cannot obtain basic services.

Our company is aware of this reality and is dedicated to supporting the community. That is why we decided to make it possible to offer joy to the children of the remote villages from our routes to Machu Picchu every Christmas. The goal for this year was to organize the activities in three different communities!

The warm heart of the community

We started early in the morning at the Lares district, the Lares Trek's main location. The first settlement we visited was Ñucchuyoc, which is located 3245 meters above sea level. We were warmly welcomed by the locals, with whom we prepared delicious hot chocolate.

The kids in the community had a great time with Santa Claus and the Christmas elf, and participated in a fun soccer game. Each one was pleasantly surprised when we gave them their toys!

Ñucchuyoc in Christmas | TreXperience
Ñucchuyoc community children with Santa

A few kilometers away, we arrived at the second location: Huacahuasi. Again, we were welcomed positively, and our crew entertained the children with laughter and activities.

We made hot chocolate with the help of the mothers and community leaders, and then we all shared the lovely Christmas drink. The children awaited their gifts, which included toys and clothing for the intense cold.

Huacahuasi families enjoying the chocolate | TreXperience
Huacahuasi families enjoying the chocolate

The afternoon finally came up with us, and we went to Ollantaytambo. This district is home to the Patacancha village, where we made more chocolate! The kids were delighted to see us, and we had a nice time together.

Patacancha kids | TreXperience
Patacancha kids receiving their toys

Thank you!

It is important to emphasize that the activities were possible thanks to our porters, whom we employ from these and other communities along the Inca Trail, Lares Trail, and Salkantay Trail. Without them, the dream of traveling the Incas’ pathways would not be possible, and during Christmas, we love to learn more about their places of origin and thank them for everything they do for us.

Christmas is a season of spreading generosity, love, and compassion. We can all give what we have to our communities, and there is no better way to spread joy than to take advantage of the holiday celebrations!

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By Maricé Arbulú / Published December 27, 2023