Cusco celebrates the traditional feast of Cruz Velacuy

Cruz Velacuy in Cusco is a tradition dating back to the colonial era, when the crosses in the chapels of Andean communities were blessed.

Cruz Velacuy Cusco | TreXperience
Cruz Velacuy in Cusco's Main Square

Every May 2nd and 3rd, the festival transforms into a cultural spectacle featuring processions, traditional music, folk dances, and a vibrant display of fireworks. During the celebration, crosses adorned with flowers and ribbons are carried through the main streets of Cusco, accompanied by bands of musicians and dancers performing native dances.

Where is Cruz Velacuy celebrated?

The Cruz Velacuy festival is celebrated in various parts of Cusco, both in the city and its surroundings. In the town, crosses in churches and chapels are decorated and venerated, and processions are held through the streets of the historic center. Additionally, in the districts and provinces near the city, such as in the Sacred Valley and the rural communities of the region, similar celebrations are held with a strong sense of community and local tradition.

Nighttime celebration and spirituality

The highlight of the festival occurs at night, when the crosses are illuminated with candles, creating an atmosphere of reverence and mystical beauty. Local families and visitors come together in prayer and song, reflecting the deep spirituality and cultural diversity of the city.

Cultural and touristic impact

This year, Cruz Velacuy has not only reinforced the cultural identity of Cusco but has also served as a significant tourist attraction, demonstrating the city's ability to blend faith with tradition in a way that enchants and educates both locals and visitors. Local authorities and organizers hope that the festivity will continue to grow in popularity, attracting even more visitors to the region in the coming years and helping to preserve and promote the rich traditions of Cusco.