Carnival Celebration starts in Cusco


The Cusquenian traditional Carnival Celebration has just started, as every year during the February month

Compadres Day in Cusco | TreXperience
The Compadres Dolls are a Tradition in Cusco

The Cusco Carnival takes place every February in the different towns and cities of the region. The traditional celebration starts with Compadres Day and Comadres Day. Furthermore, Central Day is celebrated around the middle of the month.

The Compadres Day is celebrated every first Thursday of the month. This day honors the masculine figure in the Andean culture. The original compadres were the ones that were closer friends to the Cusco families. Nowadays, this is extended to coworkers and satiric representation of politicians.

Each Compadres Day is celebrated with colors, balloons, and the traditional Frutillada, a fermented corn and strawberry juice beverage. You can try it in the Chicherías or traditional Bars around the city. In addition, the traditional dish for the Carnivals is Puchero, a tasty soup with meat, vegetables, and peaches.

The Comadres, or Cusquenian women, are in charge of the celebration.  They elaborate on a human-sized rag doll dressed in similar clothes to the man to satirize. In fact, the elements used to make the dolls are all recycled. They also print his face and stick it to the doll. Finally, they put the dolls in high public areas, such as light poles and balconies, to be enjoyed by the locals.

This year, Compadres Day is celebrated on Thursday, February 1st, in Cusco City and the regional towns. It is especially popular in Calca, Sacred Valley, and along the traditional neighbors in the center of Cusco.