Peruvian food ranks in the "Taste Atlas Awards 2023"


The "Taste Atlas Awards", once again consolidated Peruvian cuisine among the top of the best cooking and dishes in the world. The digital event is organized by the website of the same name, which has cataloged more than ten thousand dishes and drinks since its creation.

Pollo a la brasa is the most ranked Peruvian food | TreXperience
Pollo a la brasa is the most ranked Peruvian food

The Taste Atlas website intends to catalog local food from all around the world, preserve historical recipes, and revalue fresh inventions for their future transcendence. On this occasion, as is traditional at the end of the year, they launched the internet-based awards, "Taste Atlas Awards", available to public voting.

This year, Peru is once again at the top of the list of recognition given to the best food in all categories. The results of the arwards, which recognizes the best of local gastronomy in each country and city, are now available.

What awards has Peru obtained?

First and foremost, Peru has been named the world's tenth-best gastronomic country, according to "The 100 Best Cousines of the World." More than 50 countries were analyzed and scored by the portal's followers, and Peru stood out as the only one from South America.

Pollo a la brasa, causa rellena, and leche de tigre were among the dishes that made it to the top of the 100 best foods in the world. Similarly, across the cities recognized as the top gastronomic destinations in the world, Lima ranked in the first twenty places, followed by Arequipa and Chiclayo. Some of the other ranked countries were Italy, Japan, Spain, and Mexico.

It should be highlighted that the community chose the winners and it did not correspond to exclusive chefs and restaurants, but to those selected by travelers of all budgets.

Previous rankings also recognized traditional Peruvian aliments such as maca, ají amarillo, and lúcuma in addition to drinks such as pisco and chicha morada.

The high quality of Peruvian food reflects the country's rich culinary heritage and devotion to exhibiting a varied range of flavors. Peruvian cuisine, with its blend of indigenous ingredients, global influences, and inventive techniques that offers a spectacular gourmet experience.


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By Maricé Arbulú / Published December 16, 2023