Important: Rainbow Mountain closed from November 27


Once again. Landholders dispute the administration of Rainbow Mountain and order its closure until further notice.

Rainbow Mountain Peru | TreXperience
Rainbow Mountain Viewpoint. Photo: TreXperience

Several community members of the towns near Rainbow Mountain tried to reach an agreement this Sunday, November 26. Still, after an unresolved dispute that ended in a fight, it was decided that the entrance to this attraction would be suspended as of Monday, November 27. "The original community of Chillihuani communicates that after a general assembly, it has agreed to suspend the admission temporarily," says a handwritten letter. 

In this document, they proclaim themselves owners and administrators of this tourist attraction, which is, rather, as it is known, a natural resource of all Peruvians. This has been the outcome of an absolute disorder of the previous days and weeks, where it is verified that there are no basic emergency services for tourism and in situations such as those cited by a local newspaper, in which tourists have had to pay double entrance fees to access the area. 

The announced closure, with no known opening date, occurs as a worsening of the administration of the tourist attractions, where the communities demand administration and participation in the management of the tickets. It is the effect of what was not achieved in Machupicchu Pueblo.

Are there alternatives to Rainbow Mountain?

Yes. Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain has become the best alternative for those unable to reach Rainbow Mountain. It is less visited and less crowded. Although the mountains are not as “big,” visitors can experience the feeling of being on Rainbow Mountain and get extraordinary views. There are not only one but three mountains; we can say “hills” that feature these special rainbow hues. Moreover, the hike here is less strenuous and can be completed in just 1 to 1.5 hours. Also, you have the chance to see the “Rock Forest”.

How to get to Palccoyo?

The most recommended way to reach Palccoyo is through a guided tour. Tours would normally start in Cusco and include round-trip transportation. Whether you’re going on a private or group tour, the route is the same - a 2-hour trip from Cusco to the community itself, following the southeast road. 

Once you reach the trailhead, you will have to hike for 45 minutes to a 1 hour to the attraction, depending on your pace. It’s not recommended to attempt going on your own as it can be more costly. If you have already booked a trip to Rainbow Mountain, contact your travel agency, which will likely offer this alternative instead. 

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Sources: T News

By Mauricio Huaman / Published: Nov 27, 2023