Austrian athlete achieves world record

Austrian athlete achieves world record after pulling 81-ton train in Cusco

Cusco in the eyes of the world. Franz Müllner accomplished a feat after pulling Inca Rail wagons in Ollantaytambo. “This has been one of the toughest challenges,” he stressed.

Franz Müllner breaks Guinness Record in Ollantaytambo - Cusco, pulls an 81-ton Inca Rail train!!!
As part of the reactivation of tourism to our country, Inca Rail, the leading company in the train service to Machu Picchu, has given Franz Müllner, "The Austrian Rock" the athlete of extreme strength and endurance, the opportunity to break a new Guinness record as part of his world tour 7 records 7 continents.
During an exciting event with the participation of different organizations from Cusco, Franz pulled three Inca Rail train cars that weigh approximately 80 tons.

“Inca Rail feels deeply proud to be part of Franz Müllner's tour, which once again brings Ollantaytambo under the world's attention, just a few days after TIME magazine, one of the most important and predominant publications in the world, highlighted this city ​​as one of the 50 best places in the world, for its impressive architecture, delicious cuisine and sustainable accommodations”, said Jessica Jiménez, manager of institutional relations and sustainability of Inca Rail, who also congratulated the talented athlete for his tenacity and discipline that They have been worth in all these years a number of awards.
Franz Müllner has performed different physical feats so far in his career as an athlete, such as pulling planes, helicopters, buses and tractors. He has been a member of the Wolrd Triathlon Corporation, overcoming extreme tests at IronMan and since then he has broken more than 50 world records using only his body strength.
The Worldwide Tour 7 Records 7 Continents will extend through different cities in Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America.

Austrian athlete achieves world record after pulling 81-ton train in Cusco TreXperience