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Peruvian gastronomy: fusion of cultures and biodiversity!

"Peruvian cuisine, a fusion of cultures that captivates the world: article from Italy's La Repubblica"

The renowned newspaper La Repubblica of Italy has dedicated an extensive report to Peruvian gastronomy, its cultural richness and the biodiversity of inputs it offers. From Spanish dishes to Arabic, Japanese and Italian influences, Peruvian cuisine is a blend of flavors and traditions that dates back thousands of years of history.

Peruvian gastronomy: fusion of cultures and biodiversity of inputs highlighted by La Repubblica of Italy TreXperience

In its article, La Repubblica highlights the importance of the inclusion of superfoods such as quinoa and kiwicha, the variety of meats such as guinea pig or alpaca, and the biodiversity of inputs of our country, such as the 4 thousand varieties of potatoes, 35 types of corn and 650 fruits along the coast, Andes and Amazon. It also tells the story of some delicacies as the cause, calling the reader to try the varieties of the same dish in different regions.

In addition to recipes, the report emphasizes the importance of gastronomic tourism in Peru, one of the three main motivations of tourists to visit the country. Travelers are looking for a comprehensive experience that includes authentic and honest destination cuisine, whether gourmet or popular, and its processes. Hands-on experiences allow you to get involved in the entire culinary process, from visiting farms and markets to learning to cook under the guidance of a local chef.

Peruvian gastronomy: fusion of cultures and biodiversity of inputs highlighted by La Repubblica of Italy TreXperience

According to the Profile of the Vacationer motivated by gastronomy Foreign Tourist 2019 published by PROMPERÚ, 10% of all travelers had gastronomy as one of their main motivations to visit the country. Tourism in Peru is one of the pillars of the economy and working with international markets has projected results in the medium and long term.

The exceptional coverage of La Repubblica, which includes audiovisual material, was possible thanks to an invitation made by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism - PROMPERÚ, and contributes to encourage sales, diversify the offer and provide information about the destination in the markets prioritized by the institution. The visibility of different destinations to tourists will allow to offer new and better experiences with the State and the private sector working in an articulated way.



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