The most popular places to visit in Peru this 2022- 2023

Peru is one of the most popular destinations in South America and a paradise that needs to be explored. Peru offers much more for every appetite, with a vast and electrifying mix of adventure, beauty, food, history, and culture. No matter the type of traveler- Peru is an incredible country that offers something for everyone. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Peru:

Machu Picchu – A Symbol of Incan Empire

Machu Picchu, nested in South Peru, embedded between the Peruvian Andes and Amazon Basin above the Scared Valley, is a well-preserved city and an archeological gem. The stunning natural environment and geomorphological beauty make Machu Picchu a masterpiece of art.

best places to visit in peru

Machu Picchu shelters many connections between humans, culture, and nature.

Machu Picchu is a gateway to resources and is one of Peru's most economically important tourist destinations that, drives more people to visit from around the world.

Considered one of the world's seven wonders, Machu Picchu is one of South America's famous ruins that don't disappoint travelers.

Cusco – Architectural Jewel

Cusco is acknowledged as the historical capital of Peru, where you can enjoy it to the fullest. While walking through the streets, every corner of it offers a piece of history, art, and a story, and every story is unique in its way, captivating thousands of visitors.

The heart of this city is the main square plaza, Plaza de Armas – the historic center with amazing views. You will love this place's electrifying mix of history and beauty. Different restaurants, coffee shops, beer taverns, traditional dances, music, and major events like Inti Raymi make it a tourist attraction site.

best places to visit in peru

The church of Santo Domingo was built over the Coricancha Inca temple, and its walls, once lined in sheets of solid gold with statues and ornaments, were melted after the arrival of conquistadors. Sheets of gold reflected the sun's rays, casting a bright light on the temple, are replaced with Inca stonework that lays the foundation and explains the local civilization of this beautiful church.

If you are searching for a variety of exciting food and live entertainment, then San Pedro Market is the busiest and most inexpensive place you could ever find. This market sells pizza, American food, sushi, hot dogs, painted pottery, blankets, rugs, and a lot more with music, comedy, and games; it's all happening at the colorful San Pedro Market.

Sacsayhuaman is of the most sacred and amazing buildings in the world. With the archeological complex itself, Sacsayhuaman offers an amazing view of Cusco. Sacsayhuaman is a drystone wall built of huge stones. These stones are so close together that a piece of paper cannot be fitted between them. The people of Cusco celebrate many festivals here. These walls are also used for athletic activities.

Observe deeply every detail of this city; you can discover all those stories that hide in each of its corners.

Arequipa – A White City

Arequipa is Peru's second-largest city, with baroque buildings crafted from white volcanic rock.

Arequipa, the legendary White City, is a popular commercial, political, and military center of South Peru. In the wonderful geography, water shot from the bottom of the Canyon, creating the fertile valley of Arequipa, surrounded by crops, corn, potatoes, leeks, and hot peppers.

best places to visit in peru

Arequipa has a cathedral and several churches dating from Spanish colonial architecture that can be found throughout the city. Santa Catalina Convent is a complex showcase of Viceroyal architecture with sculptures and paintings. The convent is used as a religious complex and a tourist site.

Across the Chili River is a beautiful and historic bridge Puente Bolognesi, also known as Old Bridge, which is now the landmark of this stunning city. From the bridge is a beautiful view of Arequipa and the river.

Arequipa is an unmissable destination!

Sacred Valley – A Prime Destination

The Sacred Valley is also known as Urubamba River Valley and is Peru's most beautiful place to visit. Valley is well known for imposing Inca Ruins. The Sacred Valley consists of small villages having some beautiful landscapes. Visiting this part of Peru provides the vibes of nature and unforgettable memories.

best places to visit in peru

Tourists can choose hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, and other adventurous activities to explore this stunning region.

Tradition in Scared Valley is impressive; most people work in their fields. They weave and wear a customary dress and sell their products in the small market of Chinchero village.

Visiting Sacred Valley is worth full, providing you the best experience of getting closer to nature and understanding the rich cultural and traditional lives of the people in Sacred Valley.

Colca Canyon – World's Second-deepest Canyon

One of the most popular and well-known trekking destinations is Colca Canyon, with fascinating culture and nature to discover. Observing the beautiful endless skies, typical highland animals, and diversity of the landscapes is something majestic to be witnessed in the deep Canyon.

best places to visit in peru

Colca Canyon is a perfect setting for climbing, rafting, and all other activities this valley offers, from diverse culture to extreme sports.

Andean Condors whirling above deep Canyon boast some phenomenal astonishing scenery.

Colca Canyon is one peaceful destination in Peru with everything to offer.

Lima – The City of the Kings

Lima, the capital of Peru – South America's largest city, is a world heritage site. Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded Lima; this city quickly grew into the wealthiest city in America. With an ever-evolving future, this city offers indigenous people hospitable and rich fertile soil. It holds historical value to wander around this beautiful city.

In the 21st century, Lima symbolizes historic sites, parks, colonial churches, government palaces, boutiques, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and world-class restaurants.

Whether you are talking about the historical heart of Lima, the Lima Museum of Art (MALI), the Larco Museum, and the National Museum – is the most pleasant and fascinating place to visit.

best places to visit in peru

In South America, parks and plazas are where people often relax, enjoy and chat with family and friends—Parque Kennedy is a mysteriously attractive and the most visited park.

South Americans are lively people. The Circuito Magico Del Agua is a spectacle and the largest dancing fountain in the world that glow up to the music to have a splendid evening.

Because of its location close to the coast, Lima serves an exceptional dining scene with various delightful food. Famous dishes include cevicheLomo saltado, and causa la limena.

The church and convent are a historical part of Lima. The baroque-style convent is a world-renowned library built for passionate readers with 25,000 texts.

Lima is a dynamic city with Archeological Sites. The 4th-century adobe center, Huaca Pucllana, and Pachacamac temple are the center of attraction for tourists.

Lima is one of the most scenic cities; the Seaside Promenade is the place to do paragliding and some exercise.

The best memorial from a trip to Peru includes handmade textiles, colorful scarves, soft wool sweaters, and other artful ceramics. You will spot unique items in beautiful Lima's artisan markets.

Lima is a city you won't want to leave. (Anderson, n.d.)

Lake Titicaca – Highest Navigable Lake

Lake Titicaca is an extraordinary spectacle and South America's largest lake, set between the borders of Bolivia and Peru. It is the stunning natural wonders of tourists with still, large, and reflective deep blue water.

Lake Titicaca is a layered set of traditions and customs that different communities hold. Uncovering the differences and similarities between the communities is to experience and learn most of the surroundings. Some of the Island communities are Uros Islands, Taquile Islands, Amantani Island, etc., each Island with its own diverse culture and traditions.

best places to visit in peru

The floating Island gives one of the best experiences to every tourist all around the world.

Some other traveling destinations around Lake Titicaca are the main archeological sites, Sillustani, Cutimbo, Pukara, etc. are of great interest to the tourist.

Undoubtedly a beautiful journey to see a mesmerizing and mystical lake.

Nazca Desert – A Series of Mysterious Etchings

The Nazca Lines in Southern Peru are a group of geoglyphs made on the soil of the Nazca Desert. The Nazca lines are perhaps best known for depicting 70 plants and animals and over 300 geometric designs, which include basic shapes.

best places to visit in peru

Here are plenty of the best things to do and see nearby, including archeological sites, museums, and dunes.

Fly over Nazca Lines to view enormous inscriptions of lines that can be best viewed and observed from the air. Observation Tower can also be used for viewing the worth Nazca lines.

Here you can make a date at Chauchilla Cemetery and meet mummies with well-preserved long hair and nails.

Chauachi Pyramids are the religious, pilgrimage, and most attractive sites to be visited by the tourists and people of Peru.

Trujillo – City of Everlasting Spring

Trujillo is the third-largest city in northwestern Peru and is the best destination and a gateway to some of the fascinating places of Peru.

Trujillo is considered The Capital of Marinera, a traditional dance in Peru. Many national and international cultural, art, and music events have been sponsored. Some festivals include Trujillo Spring Festival, National Marinera Festival, and International Book Festival.

best places to visit in peru

Archeological sites make this city a prehistoric site of culture. Chan Chan is one of the most impressive sites in the country that maintains its status as the cultural symbol of Peru. But that's not only the history that makes this city worth it.

Colonial churches are the site of tourist attractions in Huaman, Huanchaco, and Moche, located in the beautiful city of Trujillo.

There is something for everyone in Trujillo!

Chachapoyas – Warriors of the Clouds

Chachapoyas is one of the best secrets of Peru; It is a small town in northern Peru surrounded by cloud forests. This city is the capital of the Amazon and serves as a gateway to natural landscapes and archeological sites.

Hiking the cloud forests for hours and ending in the highest waterfalls makes tourists visit this incredible and soul-stirring place.

Kuelap Fortress is an ancient fortress in Kuelap and the most mesmerizing place to visit. Gocta Waterfall rewards its eyes with spectacular and simply stunning views. Some other fascinating places in Chachapoyas are Revash Mausoleum, Sonche Canyon, and Laguna de Los Condores.

Chachapoyas is one of the most fascinating corners of Peru. (Anon., 2021)

Let's create once in a lifetime tour to Peru!

best places to visit in peru

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