Exciting Things to Know About Peruvian Food

If you are only attracted to Peru’s wildlife and beautiful natural scenery, it is time you discover more. Peru has over 30 microclimates, seashores, mountains, deserts, the Amazonian tropical forest, and increasing food options. The depth of Peruvian food has attracted global attention in the recent past. These are some of the things that you should know about Peruvian food.

peruvian food
Ceviche or Cebiche

Over 3,000 types of potatoes

Potatoes adapted and grew at a fast rate in Peru; It was taken to the Western hemisphere during the colony, making them quite popular in European countries in the 1800th. Currently, people cannot imagine living without potatoes. Peru’s Instituto Peruano de la Papa says Peru is the birthplace of potatoes in Peru, where over 3,000 varieties are grown. These potatoes come in different colors and shapes. The most important thing about our potatoes is that they are not genetically modified.

peruvian food
Peruvian native potatoes

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Guinea pig or Cuy

Guinea pigs have been a delicacy in Peru for a long time. They are grilled in an open fire with spices that characterize this food. Although some people consider guinea pigs as pets, people in Peru do not see meat as different from beef or pork. We Prepare Guinea pig (Cuy) together in a Pachamanca Barbecue in all alternative treks.

peruvian food
Cuy al Horno with potatoes and salsa

Purple Corn (Maiz Morado)

Besides potatoes, corn in Peru is everywhere. Just like potatoes, there are hundreds of different types of corn. The most expensive type of corn is purple corn or Maiz Morado. People eat corn in meals or as a snack. For example, the Choclo has large kernels and is toasted in oil to make the crispy snack called cancha. It can as well be consumed after sun-drying. There is also corn juice which is produced to make chicha beverages.

peruvian food
Peruvian Chicha Morada is made with purple corn.

Similar to Chinese food

Peruvian cuisine for several decades has been shaped by various external influences such as Spanish and Asian immigrants. The most notable influence is Chinese food. Peruvian-Chinese hybrid food (Chifa cuisine) is offered in cities such as Lima. Other foods that demonstrate cross-cultural influences are French fries, beef, steak stir-fry, and Lomo Saltado. Our Trekking chefs are high at preparing dishes and the best restaurant in Peru.

peruvian food
Peruvian Lomo Saltado

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