Packing list for trekking tours to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a world-renowned destination for trekking tours and draws people from around the world to its incredible Inca site. If you want to go trekking there, here is a handy list of things you should pack so you're prepared for an amazing adventure!

Essential Packing list for the Trekking tour to Machu Picchu!


For entry, it is necessary to bring with you an original passport that must still be valid six months from when you entered Peru and keep it safely stowed inside your daypack.

A good pair of hiking boots

Hiking boots that work. If you plan on hiking to Machu Picchu, it is imperative that you wear hiking boots. They help your ankles and feet remain stable while providing you with sufficient grip on any surfaces that might be slippery or uneven, protecting against rocks, roots and other hazards that you might come across while exploring nature's beauties. Look for boots which fit properly so your toes have enough room to move freely while hiking.


Protecting your eyes while hiking to Machu Picchu from the sun requires sunglasses with UV blocking properties and polarized lenses to reduce glare and eye fatigue. When selecting sunglasses for this trip, opt for ones which offer complete UV ray blocking capability as well as those featuring polarized lenses for optimal performance.


Sunscreen Before setting out on any hike to Machu Picchu, sunscreen application is absolutely essential to ensuring the protection of your skin from its harsh altitude sun. Select from one of the many available high SPF and water-resistant options; apply generous amounts every few hours while sweating or swimming if necessary.

Hat or bandana

People have long debated which is better: wearing a hat or bandana while hiking to Machu Picchu. Both options offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages: wearing a hat can protect from sunrays while simultaneously creating discomfort; bandanas can keep sweat at bay, yet don't offer as much sun protection; so the choice should ultimately rest with you and what works for your individual situation.

Insect Repellent

Bugs can be a nuisance on any hike, so it's always a good idea to pack bug spray just in case. There are a lot of different brands and types of insect repellent, so do some research to find the best one for you. Make sure to apply it before you hike and reapply as needed.

Trekking Poles

Hikers require trekking poles to remain safe on uneven terrain and reduce fatigue while walking on uneven ground, and crossing streams or rivers safely. When selecting trekking poles it's essential to consider both your terrain of travel as well as personal preferences when selecting poles for use while hiking.

First aid kit

Be sure to pack an appropriate first aid kit that includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers and any prescription medicines you might require during your hiking adventure. Ensure you bring enough supplies as purchasing more will likely be impossible once hiking begins.

Extra Money

It is always a wise move to have some extra cash available should an emergency arise, we advise bringing at least $100 converted into Peruvian Soles as small bills for emergencies like taxi rides or purchases; having cash can sometimes result in better prices being offered to you.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are convenient tools for quickly wiping away spills, dirt and sweat from hiking trips or just general daily life. With their compact design, carrying wet wipes is also very portable.

Rain Gear

Being caught out in the rain without adequate protection can be hazardous, so wearing a rain jacket will keep you dry and comfortable, while waterproof boots will prevent your feet from getting wet. A hat or scarf will keep your head and neck warm. We provide reusable rain ponchos on trekking tours such as Inca Trail.

Water bottle or Bladder

Staying hydrated during hiking to Machu Picchu is vital. One effective way of staying hydrated is bringing along either a water bottle or bladder as part of their backpack, although each option has their own advantages and disadvantages - water bottles may be easier for filling and drinking from, while bladders hold more water but may be easier for carrying; ultimately it is up to each hiker themselves to decide what works best.

Camera or cellphone

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most breathtaking landmarks and visitors are often eager to capture memories with photographs as a keepsake. 

Hiking Clothes

Clothes for Hiking Its When packing for a trekking tour to Machu Picchu, be sure to pack lightweight yet breathable clothing. As temperatures can get quite warm in this region, being able to layer up or down as necessary is key.

Warm Clothes

Temperatures can fluctuate quickly, so layering up can help ensure you remain warm. Wear thermal underwear as a base layer before layering with wool sweater and waterproof jacket - don't forget gloves, scarf and hat too to keep hands and head warm!

Swimming Suit

Pack a Swimming Suit On trekking tours such as the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu, bring along your swimwear! Take a break and swim in natural pools, waterfalls or any of the many hot springs nearby for some much-needed rejuvenation.

Hiking pants

Hiking pants are essential when hiking to Machu Picchu. Not only do they protect from the elements, they allow more freedom of movement as well. With so many styles available - and many options in cold climates - select ones that meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Comfortable Backpack

Your hiking backpack must be comfortable. Choose one with adjustable straps so you can customize its fit, and ideally include waterproof protection should there be any rain along your hike.

Sleeping bag

A high-quality sleeping bag is an indispensable piece of gear. Sleeping bags come in different styles and designs; all serve the same purpose of keeping you warm at night; they essentially serve as large zip-up bags that serve the same function. When selecting a sleeping bag it is important to consider its temperature rating, weight and packed size; these factors will determine its performance while its size when packed will fit easily in your pack.


In order to stay comfortable during your hike, it is necessary to pack some toiletries. At minimum you should include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and a small towel in addition to shampoo and soap in a small bottle. All these supplies will ensure you remain fresh and comfortable during your journey.

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