Why is TreXperience the best Inca trail tour operator?

With so many tour operators companies providing Inca Trail trips, selecting one can be difficult. When selecting the ideal Inca Trail tour operator keep these points in mind:

  • Book with a Local Tour operator, this way, you will get better prices and also help directly the local economy.
  • Verify their online reviews in diferent platforms.
  • Make sure the personal porter is included.
  • Verify the type of train included

When choosing an Inca Trail tour operator, it's important to consider these factors to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable journey.

Who is TreXperience?

TreXperience Tours in Cusco offers exceptional Inca Trail experiences at affordable rates. Our well-seasoned tour guides, chefs and porters ensure an amazing journey along the Inca Trail while our customer service excellence surpasses even its reputation!

At TreXperience, our aim is to make sure you have an exceptional Inca Trail tour experience. We're here to answer any queries and assist with planning of your trip; with TreXperience as your top Inca Trail tour company you can be confident they are providing excellent tours! Start planning today - contact us!

Our Inca Trail tour guides

TreXperience offers Inca Trail tours with knowledgeable local tour guides from Cusco who possess a deep knowledge of their area. Our guides speak fluent English, are graduates from University of Cusco and trained in first aid - they're ready to provide support should it be needed! Not only are these guides knowledgeable of their region but they're passionate about trekking as well - committed to giving you an unforgettable experience on the trail; making sure that you feel secure and safe every step of the way - sometimes going beyond even this expectation!

Travel to discover the Inca civilization and witness some of its most fascinating ruins on this incredible tour, available both for individuals and groups of all sizes. With different tour options tailored specifically to individual budgets and schedules, everyone can take part in this experience that can only come once!

Our Trekking chefs

Trekking can be an amazing way to discover new places and stay active, but an enjoyable trek requires nutritious and delicious food that enhances the experience. Our TreXperience Trekking chefs are there to make it even better; our buffet menu features options tailored specifically to each hiker's skill level; whether they require something filling and satisfying like our signature trail mix or something small and quick like trail mix bars to keep their energy up during their trek we have you covered with tasty and energising snacks! Our TreXperience Trekking chefs make delicious and nutritious meals just for them and others on trek - making their hike truly TreXperience Trekking!

No matter your dietary restrictions or needs, we can make sure you have plenty of food and energy to face any challenges on the trail. Join us on your next journey!

Our Inca Trail Porters

Our porters on the Inca Trail are highly experienced and dedicated; we depend heavily on them in our work and couldn't function without them. To make sure their equipment arrives safely at each site along the trail, we carefully select our porters based on their skillsets, providing intensive training so they are capable of carrying it securely on our behalf.

Our porters are expert and committed to their jobs, taking great pride in what they do. The people in charge understand that it's their job to ensure our guests have an enjoyable and safe hike on the Inca Trail; so our porters do everything from setting up camp each night and cooking delicious meals so that our hikers can just focus on enjoying themselves! We feel very fortunate that we have such an outstanding team of porters assisting us - their assistance helps create the outstanding Inca Trail experience we are known for!

Our Inca Trail equipment

During the Inca Trail Trek, we equip our clients with all of the equipment needed to ensure safe and comfortable Inca Trail travel experience. This includes high quality tents, sleeping mats, regular mats, as well as all cooking and eating utensils needed. If emergencies arise, a first-aid kit and satellite phone are on standby.

Eureka Each pair of travelers should pack a 4-person tent. Tents should be used for dining and kitchen use; chairs and tables need to be available as well as tents for toilet use with Porta-Potties for toileting; mattresses for sleeping will require pillows, sheets and towels for bedding as well.

Peruvian food on the Inca Trail

Hiking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu promises an amazing adventure, with amazing ancient engineering sites to visit and delicious food from Peru that caters to various climates and ethnic groups in its varied landscape - you may sample dishes from different regions as well as exclusive specialties while on this unforgettable trail!

Ceviche is an iconic dish on the Inca Trail, typically served on day 1. Crafted with fresh seafood like white fish or shellfish and marinated with citrus juice before being spiced with aji pepper, it offers an ideal way to unwind after a hard day of hiking.

Papa a la huancaina is a popular dish made of cold potatoes topped with cheese sauce. This delicacy hails from Huancayo in Peru's central highlands; on its Inca Trail you'll find some of the finest cuisine in South America; you won't be disappointed with any dish you try - enjoy your meal!

Panoramic Trains to return from the Inca Trail.

Our Vistadome train offers breathtaking panoramic views from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo with its glass roof, running between Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo. Riding this incredible experience affords breathtaking vistas of mountains, valleys, rivers and surrounding cities - approximately 1.5 hours in duration - which passengers will never forget! These roomy yet cozy cars boast large windows for panoramic vistas while passengers enjoy plenty of leg room, reclining seats and air-conditioning for an enjoyable journey!

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