Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel
Libary at Cachiccata Village

Responsible Travel in Peru

TreXperience is a Local Tour Operator from Cusco city. We organize responsible tours to Machu Picchu and other places in Peru. We care a lot about environmental conservation and helping our community. We organize cleaning campaigns and reforestation activities. We’ve just built a library where we provide computers with internet, school books, and other educational materials for local kids. We believe in supporting the development of our country through education and sustainable tourism.

We offer various treks to Machu Picchu, like the Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Lares trek, and even a shorter 2-day version of the Inca trail. Everyone in our TreXperience family comes from Cusco or the Sacred Valley to have local, authentic experience.

To avoid a negative impact of tourism on our Local Communities, we ensure:

  1. We avoid pollution in all our tours, starting from the office operations where we recycle. During the tours, we avoid taking garbage to the villages we visit and encourage our guests and staff to collect any residues found on the trails; we encourage our guests to do so. This way, we keep clean all places we visit.
  2. We advise our guests not to disturb wildlife on the trails, also not to destroy or collect any plants or flowers.
  3. Our guests must carry a reusable water container on the tours; single-use plastic bottles are not allowed in our tours.
  4. We use solar panels and lamps for the night, we provide biodegradable soap, and we recycle during the tours.
  5. We have a zero-tolerance against child exploitation and sexual exploitation in the field of tourism.
  6. We encourage our guest not to take gifts as candies or cookies to local children, is better to donate a book, a pen, or something useful for education.
  7. We support a local library with the internet where the children can get access to information and modern technology; this project is located In the Parompampa and Cachiccata Village.


Responsible Travel
TreXperience team

Travelers Code of conduct.

  • Take time and learn about the places you will visit (history, culture, restrictions).
  • Learn basic words of the local language to communicate with locals (Spanish and Quechua).
  • Respect the local culture, dress up accordingly, ask permission to take pictures.
  • Do not take gifts as candies or cookies to local children; it is better to donate a book, a pen, or something useful for education.
  • Do not buy Inca, pre-Incan objects, or antique fabrics, paintings from the colonial. All these items are considered national property.
  • Buy from local people. Bargaining is normal in local markets; however, paid what is fair.
  • Please do not leave any garbage on the places we visit.
Responsible Travel
Lares Trek Experiences


At TreXperience, we are committed to environmental and social protection. We love and enjoy the places we visit, and we aim to protect them. Sustainability should not be a cost for doing business; it should be a way of doing business. Sustainability is about protecting, preserving, respecting, supporting, and caring about our environment, coworkers, neighbors, and local communities.


The tourism industry is highly-regulated in Peru, and we work according to the regulations as a responsible company. We want to keep growing as a company, but not alone. We want the development of our workers but always making sure we don’t destroy the beauty of our planet.

Responsible TravelInca Trail Porters

Commitment to sustainability

  • We are proud to maintain an excellent record of safety operations throughout our tours. Every year we held safety training for all our staff.
  • We are always aware of the political, natural, weather situation of our country. We’ve developed security standards to protect our guests and employees. We will not go to places where it can be a risk to their safety and security.
  • We are constantly training our porters, chef, tour guides about safety, security, recycling, and new regulations.
  • Water is the most important resource we need for life. It allows us to prepare food, bathe, drink, wash, and clean. For this reason s we have a strict policy about water waste and pollution.
  • Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries globally, and it is our responsibility to protect them by minimizing water, garbage, and air pollution.
  • We contribute to many local nonprofit organizations and also organize volunteerism in several local communities. This is a good way to give something back to our brothers and sisters.
  • We are committed to achieving excellence in all our operations. Our goal is to become a leading company in environmental protection and supporting local communities.
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    Inca Trail hikers at Machu Picchu
Posted on December 16, 2017