Payment Methods

Best Payment Methods to book your Machu Picchu tour

TreXperiinece offers several payment methods when booking a Machu Picchu tour, depending on the tour and country you are booking from. Here are some of the more commonly used ones:

  • Credit Card: Most tour operatorss accept credit cards as an easy and secure way to make payments, particularly Visa and Mastercard which are widely accepted across Peru. Be mindful that some tour operatorss may charge an additional fee when paying by credit card.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a widely accepted and secure online payment platform used by tour operators businesses in Peru for payments, offering buyers protection.
  • Bank Transfer: Some tour operatorss accept bank transfers as payment, although it can be more time-consuming and complex than other methods; it can however be suitable for larger transactions.
  • Western Union: Western Union is an internationally used money transfer service and may be accepted by tour operators - though be wary as this payment option may incur additional fees and charges.
  • Cash: Some tour operatorss accept payments in cash - particularly if you book in person - although caution must be exercised when carrying large sums of cash to ensure its secure and trustworthy receipt.

When selecting your payment method, it is essential to keep several factors in mind, including security, convenience and fees. Read your tour operator's terms and conditions carefully as well as address any inquiries regarding payment options or fees.