Best places to visit in Cusco 2021 – 2022

best places to visit in Cusco

Must see place while you are visiting Cusco

Cusco was the Great Incan Empire; today is considered the historical capital of Peru and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you walk around the streets of Cusco, you will see the ancient Inca wall used as a foundation for the new buildings, some of the streets you can only enter walking, and there are several colonial temples built over ancient Inca palaces.

To explore Cusco, you will need a day or 2. It’s recommended to visit the city during your first days as a way to acclimatize to the altitude and then travel to Machu Picchu or elsewhere.

Best tourist attractions inside Cusco

You can visit these places on a city tour organized by a tour company or walk by yourself.

San Pedro Market:

The first and oldest market in Cusco, built in 1925 by the French architect Gustave Eiffel. Sam Pedro market is located only 10 minutes walk from Plaza de Armas of Cusco, as you approach. You will feel the noise, the local shops, and the tasty food.

San Pedro Market is good to visit after 8:00 am and before 5.00 pm; inside the market, you will find everything you can imaging from alpaca chompas, souvenirs, fruits, juices, food, and many more.

We recommend buying fruit, fresh juice, souvenirs, Cuzquenian bread called “Chuta,” dry fruits, cheese; however, we suggest avoiding trying local food as this might be different from what you are used to you have a long hiking trip to Machu Picchu.

Plaza de Armas:

Located in the center of Cusco, Plaza de Armas is one of the most amazing wonders in Cusco, surrounded by the Cathedral, the Triumph church, Compania de Jesus Church, and amazing colonial buildings with Inca foundations.

Cathedral of Cuzco:

Another World Heritage Site, the Cathedral of the Assumption, is the main church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cusco. The cathedral is located in the Plaza de Armas. The entire building was built between 1560-1654. Inside you will find the biggest repository of Cusco’s colonial art.

Hatun Rumiyoc street:

Located just a few minutes away from the main square, this street is famous because we will be able to find the famous twelve-angled stone, part of the wall of an ancient Inca Palace.

cusco streets
Hatun Rumiyoc Street

Loreto street:

Also called Intu Intik’ijllu (from Quechua: street of the sun), this street connects the main Square with Koricancha, here you will appreciate the finest of Inca architecture.


The main temple of the sun and the most important religious site in the whole Incan Empire. The Original name was Intikancha or Intiwasi (temple of the sun). Most of its temples were destroyed and used as the foundation of the catholic church; the Santo Domingo Monastery, built after the earthquake in 1650, destroyed the first Dominican monastery.

Best places to visit around Cusco

To visit these places, you will need to drive and visit with a tour guide.


This amazing fortress was built by the Incas in the 15th century, especially under Pachacuti and his successors. Sacsayhuaman is located at a 20-minute drive from Cusco center and is considered one of the most amazing buildings in the world.

You will be able to find the biggest stones in the Inca empire. It is believed that more than 20,000 people mined these stones (up to 125 tons) from nearby quarries (20 kilometers away) and transported them through the mountains in Cusco City.

The massive boulders of Sacsayhuaman


Qenqo means “labyrinth.” This important Inca site is located next to Sacsayhuaman. You will be able to see underground tunnels, believed to use as a place to connect with the world of the dead.


Tambomachay, together with Sacsayhuaman, are among the most important religious site in Cusco; this amazing place was used to worship water and as the resting place of the Inca King.

Puca Pucara:

Located next to Tambomachay, Puca Pucara was a military site with large walls, terraces, stairs, and a great location to control the south access to Cusco.

Best Day tours outside of Cusco City

To participate in this tour, you need to travel outside of Cusco city.

Rainbow Mountain:

The most famous day hike in Cusco, visit the 5000+ meters high colored mountain in Cusco.

rainbow mountain
Rainbow Mounatin

Humantay Lake:

The second most popular day hike in Cusco, Humantay Lake, is located next to Salkantay Mountain.

Palcoyo Mountain:

An alternative hike to the Classic Rainbow Mountain. Palcoyo is perfect for those who perfect less crowded places.,


The last hanging Inca Bridge, built over the Apurimac River, Qeswachaca, is located in Qehue district, Canas Province, in the Cusco region. Local villagers from Huinchiri, Choccayhua, Qollana, Qehue, and many others will renew this bridge every year.

Sacred Valley:

Sacred Valley is a classic day tour by bus and short work visiting Pisac, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Salineras, Moray, and Cusco.


Tipón is a large Inca Archaeological site located a 1-hour drive from Cusco, near the village of the same name. You will be able to find several buildings and terraces irrigated by a network of water channels fed by huge fountains of natural spring water.


Pikillaqta is not from the Inca Culture; this amazing city was built by the Wari culture. They ruled in Peru right before the Incas.

Best multiday tours in Cusco

Classic Inca Trail:

the Inca trail is one of the most amazing hikes in the world; it combines history, nature, challenge, and finishes in the World Heritage Site – Machu Picchu.

machu picchu
Terraces of Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek:

The second most popular hike in Peru, Salkantay, is famous for being a challenging hike to Machu Picchu with amazing mountains and the cloud forest.

Lares Trek: 

The Lares Trek is the preferred hikes for those who love solitude, pristine nature, llamas, alpacas, glacier lakes, and visiting local villages off the beaten path.

Short Inca Trail:

When the Classic 4 day Inca trail is sold out, you can still hike the Shorter Version; this hike takes you to Machu Picchu through the last part of the Classic Inca trail and allows you to arrive at Machu Picchu through the Sungate.

Huchuy Qosqo:

The only trek allows you to hike literally from Cusco into the Sacred Valley and ride the train along the Urubamba river until Machu Picchu arrives.

Inca Jungle:

The best multisport tour to Machu Picchu includes Biking, Rafting, Hiking, Zip Lining, and finally visit Machu Picchu.

san pedro market
Cuy al Horno

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