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we need a copy of their passport. Please email to info [at]

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In order to make a reservation with Trexperience Peru you are required to make a $200 deposit for each trek and a $ 400 deposit for each deluxe package.

The deposit should be paid via PayPal. “No PayPal fees with TreXperience”

All deposits are unfortunately non-refundable as they are used to secure your reservation (by purchasing permits, entrance tickets, etc.).

Upon receiving your booking form details and deposit via PayPal, You wil recieve a booking invoice and confirmation that we have received your deposit and your tour has been booked.

Instructions on Booking a Tour With TreXperience Peru

1. Choose number of participant

2. Click on Buy Now button

3.Enter or Create an PayPal account and pay with credit card

7. Make sure your details are correct and press Pay Now

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