Social Project: Greenhouse in Parompampa

Greenhouse in Parompampa

“GREENHOUSE FOR A BETTER LIFE” is a social project Supported by TREXPERIENCE!!! Covering the educational and environmental area in the CACHICCATA village located at 30 minutes from the Ollantaytambo district. In CACHICCATA there are around 80 families all of them dedicated to the agriculture, and also working in the tourism industry since this village has a lot to offer: starting from the QUARRY  that is located at 7km from Ollantaytambo,  CHULLPAS; ancient Incan burial tombs, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

What we are doing with this project is to involve the members of this community to work with us in the tourism industry and together run the GREENHOUSE where we growing organic vegetable and native trees to be later donated to them and the surroundings. We also perform training campaigns to show them the benefits of planting more trees on our planet.


Our Mission is to continuously produce organic vegetables and native trees to later be donated to different communities helpind them to consume healthy product an also help actively with the reforestation of our planet with native trees ensuring water and life for future gererations and to make the tourism business gets a positive impact on the environment and the communities we visit.

Educated and help local communities in a better environmental practices including waste managment

Improve life standars through a better life habits such as the consumption of healthy, organic products

Inspire team work necessary for the development of our nation

Involve children actively in our project to create a new nation aware of the problem we face with global warming


We are growing growing vegetables such as (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, parsley) and also native trees such as (chachacoma, queuña, broom, lambran, aguaymanto) to later give to each and every member of the comunities nearby so they can plant in their gardens the organic vegetables, in exchange they need to go on planting campaigns to the mountains in our reforestation campaings. Encouraging the consumption of organic products, give trainings about the importance of caring for the environment and the vuital role of the trees to our planet, start with the reforestation of the Andes under the motto of “plant a tree and give life to future generations

Our GREENHOUSE has adobe walls (mud bricks), the roof is covered with white plastic in order to moderate the solar radiation and give an adequate temperature for the development of our native plants and vegetables, these greenhouse is safe, ecofriendly and durable, the adobe has the property to generate and store heat, it also has 3 windows so is self-ventilated, providing a better microclimate and interior lighting, in this greenhouse we growing the following vegetable and trees:

  • Tara
  • Qeuña
  • Molle
  • Chachacoma
  • Aguaymanto
  • Retama
  • Espinaca
  • Lechugado
  • Tomate
  • Perejil
  • Betarraga
  • Zanahoria
  • Acelga

TREXPERIENCE  is committed with the environment and to preserve the places we visit, working hand to hand with all local people and this work is posible thanks to You.  10% of all the income we got from our tours goes to support this project, also you can go directly to volunteer sharing knowledge, interacting with local children, and planting more trees.

Local school of PisaqVillagers Planting treesLocal Children working planting