TreXperience Horsemen - Arrieros

TreXperience's horsemen, or arrieros, provide essential support on trekking expeditions through the Peruvian Andes. Commonly referred to as muleteers, these skilled professionals capture the spirit of traditional Andean life while meeting modern trekking needs for exceptional support during our adventures.

TreXperience Arrieros

These individuals play an essential role in managing pack animals like horses or mules that carry supplies needed for trekkers - from tents and cooking equipment, food, personal belongings and tents - on horseback. Their services enable trekkers to focus on enjoying the journey and its breathtaking landscape without carrying heavy backpacks themselves.

However, their role goes well beyond simply serving as porters. Their vast knowledge of Peruvian landscapes comes from years or even generations spent traversing these routes, giving them intimate familiarity with terrain, weather patterns and animal behavior - guaranteeing safe and smooth travel for both themselves and the group they accompany. Furthermore, their insights often increase trekkers' understanding of their trekked regions.

TreXperience Arrieros

Arrieros are expert animal handlers who ensure the welfare of horses or mules under their care, building close relationships with each one while understanding each of its individual quirks, strengths, and limits. With their attentive care comes not only efficient transport of supplies but also the ethical treatment and well-being of the animals - something central to TreXperience's commitment to responsible tourism.

Tradition dictates that Arrieros are from local Andean communities, sharing an invaluable cultural legacy intertwined with the mountains. Their role on trekking teams often extends far beyond mere logistical duties, offering stories, customs, and traditions unique to their region - adding an authentic cultural aspect that enhances each journey and helps bridge between trekkers and indigenous culture.

TreXperience Arrieros

TreXperience's horsemen go beyond simply providing support; they are guardians of Andean culture, protectors of pack animals, and unsung heroes of every successful trekking adventure. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, every trek becomes more than a simple walk through the mountains; instead, it becomes an adventure through Peru's cultural and natural heritage.