Our Working Team

TreXperience's team is comprised of an enthusiastic and committed group of individuals, each playing an essential part in providing our guests with an exceptional Peruvian travel experience. Our staff includes office staff, tour guides, porters, chefs and arrieros (horsemen). Each brings their own expertise and passion for our company and ultimately makes us who we are today.

Office Staff
Our office staff serves as the heart of our operations, tirelessly working behind the scenes to create pleasant travel experiences for our clients. Their responsibilities range from reservations and customer service to itinerary customization and overall logistics management - with their extensive knowledge of travel combined with excellent organizational and customer service skills ensuring each experience is personalized to each traveler's interests and requirements.

Tour Guides
Our tour guides are passionate about their culture and country, fluent in both English and local languages. Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of Peru's historical, cultural and natural landscapes they bring the history and stories behind each site we visit alive for our clients - more than simply guides but educators as well - creating meaningful interactions between our clients and the local culture and environment.

Our porters hailing from local Andean communities play an essential role in our trekking expeditions. Their physical strength and endurance are unsurpassed as they carry essential equipment, luggage and supplies across challenging terrain. In addition to this physical labor, they also bring an intangible sense of spirit and camaraderie that enhances each trek experience, often offering heartwarming encouragement while adding to its overall positive atmosphere.

Chefs for Trekking
Our expert trekking chefs ensure every meal during our trips is an exquisite culinary experience. Their talented chefs specialize in creating nutritious and delectable dishes using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, providing delicious traditional Peruvian dishes and international fare alike, catering to various dietary restrictions while fueling every traveller throughout their trek.

Arrieros (Horsemen)
Our horsemen, known as Arrieros, are experts at animal handling. They oversee pack animals used for our treks to transport supplies while ensuring their wellbeing and the safe transport of all necessary equipment. As long-standing members of Andean communities with intimate knowledge of local terrains, Arrieros are essential in ensuring successful and ethical execution of our treks.

At TreXperience, we are more than just a team: We're a family united by our love for our beautiful country and its wonders; dedicated to sharing them in an ethical and sustainable manner with visitors from around the globe.


Meet the TreXperience Team

Tour Guide - TreXperience Working Team