Educational projects

TreXperience Library project

First Library In My Community

When I found TreXperience and started working with local people, especially on the Inca Trail, I used to ask myself how to change the situation of the poor communities; all other companies were helping the porters with better wages, giving them uniforms, shoes, and temporary visits to local children especially for Christmas, so at TreXperience I decided to do something different, something that can help permanently to the development of all our communities, especially children because they are the future!!.


Our Library in Cachiccata Village is an ambitious project we started with other local tour operators (Ultimate TrekkingTrekero). Our work plan covers the educational field in this community’s children and adolescents, encouraging them to read and have access to the internet.

Most of the community students are dedicated to grazing their sheep and cows or cultivating the land. Leaving their education in a second place, in Cachiccata, located an hour from Ollantaytambo, the students need to walk an hour every day to go to school, seeing themselves at a significant disadvantage since they do not have access to the internet, libraries, and comfortable places to study or to do their homework.



FIRST LIBRARY IN MY COMMUNITY helps children and teenagers of this community and surroundings access the Internet. It wants to share and develop reading habits by providing a pleasant environment to read, learn, and do homework.

The goals that our children and teenager need to achieve are:

  • The predisposition for learning
  • Flexibility and mental ability
  • The improvement of academic performance
  • Enrichment of the cultural level
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Increase and work on self-esteem
  • Improve spelling and grammar
  • Stimulate imagination, creativity and curiosity
  • Stimulate concentration and memory


The project began with renting a facility in Cachiccata, buying a shelf for books, 4 computers, and laptops with Internet access; we have a person in charge of helping and orienting our all afternoons to our visitors.

The Library opens from 4 pm to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. We can afford 10 students to stay between 1 and 2 hours to read or search for online information and strengthen various courses.


We have seen our project's excellent performance giving good results such as the right amount of assistance that fills every day. To continue with the sustainability of this project, we have the unconditional help of our clients that makes possible the improvement and innovation of these projects, and also with the direct support of Volunteers who want to be part of the significant change helping us: the teaching of new languages ​​and even in the reinforcement of the subjects; we also receive donations of books for the complete implementation of our library.

The next step is to acquire a multimedia projector to present educational videos and strengthen our goals to continue helping future generations.