TreXperience Expert Chefs


Our Expert Trekking Chefs make your journey through Peru's captivating landscapes truly special and unforgettable. Each chef possesses not only culinary expertise, but also knows how to navigate the logistics involved with creating delicious meals in an outdoor, mobile setting with unpredictable climate conditions and altitude changes.

Expert chefs in Peru are trained in its rich culinary traditions, which is famed for its varied and flavorful cuisine. Ranging from fresh ceviche made with locally caught fish to warming and hearty quinoa soups or perfectly grilled alpaca steaks - our experienced chefs can prepare an array of delectable meals using local ingredients from across Peru for an authentic Peruvian dining experience.


Executive Chef Julio Cesar

But these chefs go beyond simply being cooks; they are an integral part of the cultural experience. They understand the history and traditions surrounding the cuisine they prepare, eager to share their expertise with travelers. For example, they may explain where ingredients came from or the traditional methods of preparation, as well as explaining its cultural significance - adding an educational component to each mealtime so it's more than just sustenance but an opportunity to understand local customs.

Chefs play an essential role in maintaining high hygiene standards on trekking tours. They are specially trained to ensure food safety by overseeing every aspect of meal preparation and clean-up with meticulous care.

Trekking Chefs make invaluable contributions beyond cooking responsibilities to enhance the trekking experience in other ways, from helping set up and break down camp to engaging with local communities to source ingredients or learn new recipes, or participating in campfire storytelling, adding warmth and camaraderie along the journey.

TreXperience's Expert Trekking Chefs play more than just an administrative function: they also serve as educators, storytellers, and crucial members of the trekking team, working tirelessly to ensure every traveler not only receives enough sustenance during their trip but also gain an authentic taste of Peruvian culture.