TreXperience Porters, Chefs & Tour Guides

TreXperience’s Porter, Chefs, Arrieros, and Tour Guides

TreXperience takes great pride in having a dedicated and hardworking team of porters, chefs, arrieros (horsemen) and tour guides dedicated to providing travelers with a pleasant journey experience. All members play an essential part in making every trek or tour memorable and pleasurable for all involved.

TreXperience's porters are unsung heroes on every trek. These hardworking individuals carry all essential gear, tents, food and other supplies necessary for travelers' journeys without them needing to worry about logistics of carrying heavy loads themselves. Their incredible physical endurance and strength enable travelers to relax into the experience without worry over logistics - these porters also often add warmth and friendliness that helps build team spirit during each expedition.

At TreXperience, our chefs are masters at crafting delicious and nutritious meals even under difficult trekking conditions. Their expertise ranges from Peruvian cuisine to international dishes using locally sourced ingredients for an unforgettable dining experience that fuels every adventurer on their journey.

Arrieros (Horsemen):
At TreXperience, horsemen or arrieros play an essential role in managing pack animals used during treks such as mules and horses. Not only do these experienced experts ensure the smooth transportation of equipment and supplies across Andean landscapes but their inborn ability to care for animals makes them invaluable members of any team.

Tour Guides at TreXperience are more than just tour guides - they serve as storytellers, historians, and cultural ambassadors! Fluent in both English and the local tongues they can provide insightful narratives on the history and cultural significance of every location visited while imparting their passion for Peru with its wealth of history, culture, biodiversity. Every tour is an educational yet unforgettable journey!