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All our tour guides at TreXperince have licensed professionals with a deep love for Pachamama (Mother Earth), passionate about Peruvian Culture, and great customer service skills.

Every year in February, we provide specialized training to all our staff (guides, porters, chefs, drivers, office staff) in First Aid, High Mounatin Rescue, use of emergency AED, Oxygen, and best customer service to provide you a unique and safe adventure.

Juan Coronel
Co-founder and CEO of TreXperience, join Coronel on the special Expeditions to Machu Picchu.
“Coronel is not only a gentleman and fun to be around, but is also empathetic, compassionate, supportive, has integrity and is determined. His knowledge of the Incas, Peru, his community is outstanding, and his passion for his community and its people is inspiring. It is clearly visible through every aspect of his tours and makes for the most amazing experience as a guest. Carlos and the company are true visionaries in the trekking industry in Peru. I would absolutely recommend a tour with them. You won’t be disappointed!”

“Our group’s guide – Elisban from the TreXperience company made the experience beyond excellent with his humor and knowledge of the local area and the history behind Machu Picchu from Incan times to when it was rediscovered in the early 1900s.”

“As an example, each morning, Maribel, with her amazingly calm and gentle way, would come by our tent and offer coca leaf tea and inquire gently about our condition, as over three-fourths of us were coming from below sea level. No one was ever left behind. She was excellent, and it was wonderful to trek with another woman. I think I only saw one other female guide on the fourth day on the Incan Trail.”

“This tour was amazing. Our hosts were Marco and Maribel. Before the tour, all of the information was communicated clearly, and any questions I had via email replied to promptly. The group was mixed but so much fun.”

Maria Ines
“My guide for the 4 days Ines was great! I had a great time with her, and she was really knowledgeable.”

“From the first time we met for a pre-trip briefing, Charly explained details of the trip to us clearly and patiently. Throughout the trek, he would also stop at various points to educate us on flora and fauna along the trail, as well as the history and stories behind the various Inca ruin sites.”

“The transition from Lares to Inca trek was again managed seamlessly by Trexperience. What made the whole tour that much for memorable for me was our awesome guide Elvis Roque, who not only was an amazing guide answering every question we could throw at him with complete assurance.”

“Loved Hubert!!! I will be recommending him to ALL who come to Cuzco. He’s smart, educated, speaks excellent English, easygoing, fun to be around, and an excellent guide.”

“I had a great trek with my tour guide, Johnny. He had a very positive attitude and was very patient and good at answering questions and making sure everyone on the hike was doing well.”

“My friend, her daughter, and I recently participated in the incredible experience called the Lares Trek. Our guide, Manolo (extremely upbeat, knowledgeable, and more than helpful), and his crew that included the culinary talent, Lorenzo, and his assistant in addition to the other crew, Ramon, Gregor, and his young son.”

“Our guide was Alex, and he was simply fantastic. His English was perfect, and he made such an effort to make sure we were enjoying ourselves from first thing in the morning to zipping up our tents at night.”

“Absolutely cool, once in a lifetime experience – walking the Inca trail on the 2-day tour by TreXperience with our person guide: MAURO! He was such a cool guide, explaining to us a lot about the nature of the path, history of the Incas and Quechuas, their buildings, Latin American and especially Peruvian history – AMAZING.”

“Our guide was Raymer during the four days. He is a genuine, knowledgeable person with a great positive spirit. His helpfulness and caring helped us push through all weather conditions and physical and mental states during the trail (altitude sickness is real). We learned a lot from him about culture, language, local people, history, botany, geology… we got truly professional guidance and gained a friend.”

“The chef Carmelo served us amazing 3-course meals, and he even made a cake for two people who had their birthdays while on the trek. The logistics of the porters getting to the next campsite ahead of us and setting up our tents was impressive, and there were so many extra touches such as hot water bottles at night and coca tea brought to our tents in the morning.”

“!You will be looked after from start to finish, as Trexperience goes out of its way to deliver the best possible experience. A special mention goes to the chef Leonardo and his sous chef wife Margo, who did magic cooking amazing food to delight our palate. In conclusion, I can’t recommend Trexperience highly enough.”

“Great food. Our chef Lorenzo prepared outstanding meals with minimum equipment. For example, expect a little appetizer, soup, 3 different kinds of main courses with rice or potatoes in different diner forms.