Nuestras certificaciones y premios

TreXperience ha recibido muchas certificaciones y premios de varias organizaciones y asociaciones, reconociendo nuestro compromiso con la calidad, la sustentabilidad y la satisfaccion del cliente.

Algunas de las certificaciones y premios mas conocidos para operadores turisticos incluyen:

  • Certificado de Excelencia de TripAdvisor : este premio se otorga a los operadores turisticos que constantemente reciben excelentes criticas y calificaciones de sus clientes en TripAdvisor.
  • World Travel Awards: esta es una ceremonia de premiacion anual que reconoce a los mejores en la industria de viajes y turismo, incluidos operadores turisticos, hoteles y aerolineas.
  • Premios de viajes responsables: este premio reconoce a los operadores turisticos que demuestran un compromiso con las practicas de turismo responsable y sostenible.
  • Asociacion Comercial de Viajes de Aventura: Esta organizacion global representa a la industria de viajes de aventura y brinda certificacion y capacitacion para operadores turisticos que se especializan en viajes de aventura.
  • Sustainable Travel International: Esta organizacion brinda certificacion y capacitacion para operadores turisticos comprometidos con las practicas de turismo sostenible y la reduccion de su impacto ambiental.

Las certificaciones y los premios pueden ser una forma util para que los operadores turisticos demuestren su compromiso con la calidad, la sostenibilidad y la satisfaccion del cliente. Tambien pueden ayudar a los viajeros a decidir que operadores turisticos elegir.

TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence

We’ve been flawlessly recognized as a tour operator that receives outstanding customer reviews on TripAdvisor.


World Travel Awards Nominations

Every year, the World Travel Awards recognizes the best in the travel and tourism industries, including tour operators, hotels, and airlines. We feel proud of our continuous nominations as South America’s and Peru’s Leading Tour Operators in the last few years.


International Awards

LuxLife Awards 2023

We are thrilled to be awarded Peru’s Best Inca Trail Provider by Lux Life Magazine in 2023, a prestigious publication that recognizes premium brands across the world. Our exceptional service in our tours has been the key factor to this recognition and reinforces our commitment to delivering the best within the luxury lifestyle industry.

International Travel Awards 2023

Our company is dedicated to providing unforgettable adventure travel experiences while upholding environmental sustainability. That’s why we are pleased to receive the award as Peru’s Best Sustainable Tourism Company and Best Adventure Tour Operator at the 2023 International Travel Awards. This recognition inspires us to drive a positive change and continue making a lasting impact in the travel industry.

LTG Award 2023

The Luxury Travel Guide celebrates excellence across all sectors of the affluent travel and tourism industry. We are grateful to be part of the list given by this prestigious site.


Peru Awards

Miradas Award 2023

Miradas awards the most outstanding businesses and companies in different business areas, including the Travel Industry. It represents not only the recognition of hard work but also the constant commitment to quality and innovation of the entrepreneurs. We are proud to have received this recognition in 2023. 

Inca Dorado Award 2023

This prestigious award is given each year to the region’s most exceptional businesses and projects. Under the seal “The Best of the Year,” TreXperience received the title of "Best Adventure Travel Agency" in 2023, a recognition of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and innovation. This is specially dedicated to our hard-working team that makes every experience possible.