Why Choose Trexperience


We are a 100% local tour operator and our aim is to maximize the positive effects of tourism on local communities and the environment. We do this by hiring local staff (including porters, chefs, guides, suppliers) and involving them in a sustainable business model that benefits everyone. Additionally, we organize activities that support the development of local communities and promote environmental conservation. These include cultural exchanges, volunteering, direct donations, and clean up campaigns. Our philosophy is that we “leave no trace” in every single place that we visit, and we encourage each and every one of our staff, guides, and guests to follow these principles to preserve these magical places.


Collectively our team has a wealth of experience of working in the tourism industry. Therefore we understand that to ensure 100% guest satisfaction, it is essential to take good care of your workers, who will, in turn, take good care of your customers. During your hike, we will provide you with the best tour guides and chefs, but it is the porters who are more often than are forgotten. Porters are the backbone of this business and for so many years we have been fighting for better treatment and better working conditions. This is a personal battle since I – the founder of Trexperience Peru – started out as a porter and my father was a porter before me. Working as a porter on the Inca Trail helped me to study, travel around the world, and start my own company. Therefore, Trexperience Peru pledges a number of commitments to our porters:

*  To provide a homestay in Cusco for those porters that travel from far away, leaving their families behind, to earn some extra income.

*  To provide all meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the least we can do given their tireless work and contribution to our company.

*  To provide all porters with proper, high-quality equipment including warm jackets, t-shirts, hiking boots, pants, back support, comfortable backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and this year we started to provide basic insurance to cover against accidents.

*  We always make an effort to work with the poorest communities in which individuals have the greatest need for a job or extra income. These include Lares, Ocongate, and Paucartambo. These are farming communities and the opportunity to work as a porter allows families to offer a better future for their children by putting them through education.


We are extremely proud to work with local communities and to help protect the environment; we love the places we visit and are dedicated to preserving them. To ensure this, Trexperience has partnered with other companies to build a Greenhouse in the community of Parompampa; located 2 hours from Cusco. Here we are growing vegetables and native trees and we encourage you to come and visit us!

  • Vegetables:

We grow the following vegetables in our greenhouse. We then invite members from local villages to take one of each and plant them back in their communities. We will also provide them with some basic farming training to ensure it is a successful and sustainable program:  Spinach, lettuce, Tomato, cilantro, beets, carrots, chives, mint.

  • Native trees:

When you plant a new tree, you create a new life. Trees help to remove carbon dioxide from the environment, attract native birds, and help to maintain a clean water supply. We are working extremely hard to grow new trees that will later be donated to local communities. We will also organize a group of volunteers to go and plant them: Tara, Queuña, Molle, Chachacoma, Aguaymanto, Retama.


As a company that cares deeply about the communities we serve, TreXperience takes pride in supporting our brothers and sisters throughout the Andean communities; a region that holds a special place in our hearts. We make a special effort to ensure our tours are conducted in a way that supports local residents and communities, provides donations to local schools, and involve local brothers in our industry. Above all, we are dedicated to creating something unique and permanent, which allows us to play an active role in the development of our communities.

We have opened a library in the community of Cachiccata in Ollantaytambo. This village has approximately 80 families, all of which work in agriculture. Until recently, the children at the local school had no access to a library, a computer, or to the internet. In partnership with other companies and with help from sponsors and charitable donations, TreXperience donated the following facilities to help the school:

What we Provide:

  • Two shelves full of textbooks for all grades
  • Two computers and a laptop with full internet access
  • A printer
  • New tables and chairs

Although this a small project, it will have a huge impact on the children of Cachiccata school who will now have access to the resources they need for quality education and a bright future.

You can always help this cause by booking a tour with TreXperience, by visiting the community to make a donation directly or even volunteering during your free time.


TreXperience’ s Inca Trail Tours were voted as the best Inca Trail tours on the largest Multiday Tours Platform.


The safety and security is our absolute top priority. We have an excellent record in terms of safety throughout the operation of all our treks. Our team of professional guides have undertaken training with the AHA (American Heart Association) as well as NOLS Wilderness medicine. Guides will carry a first aid kit for basic medical problems and oxygen with them at all times. They are very experienced in dealing with common issues associated with the altitude or the environment and know how to make you feel better.

In the extremely rare case that something unexpected happens and you no longer feel you can complete the trek, your guide will figure out the safest and quickest way to get you to the nearest clinic. You will never be left alone and you will have a member of the team to escort you every step of the way until you are safe with a doctor. When you are feeling up to it, we will make sure that you still have the chance to visit Machu Picchu and re-connect with your group, traveling comfortably by train.


TREXPERIENCE only operates with the highest quality equipment to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible, these include:

4 season EUREKA tents
THERMAREST Air Mattresses
Satellite phones
Foam mattresses
Portable showers
Portable toilets
4 season sleeping bags
Logistics for people with Disabilities
Kitchen & Dining Tents
Tables & Chairs
DUFFLE BAGS (provided during the briefing)
Pillows, backpack, rain covers and t-shirts