What to know before going to Machu Picchu

Arriving In Cusco 

We advise all guests to arrive in Cusco at least two days prior to your trip with TreXperience. This will enable you to get used to the high altitude. Those who have not had time to acclimatize may struggle with the treks or tours to Machu Picchu

Cusco is a domestic airport only and therefore international visitors typically arrive via Lima. The easiest and fastest way to get to Cusco from Lima is to take a flight. The bus journey from Lima to Cusco is very long (approximately 20 hours). Visitors traveling to Cusco from closer cities in Peru are advised to take a bus. There are a number of companies in Peru operating very comfortable bus journeys. We advise you to book your bus journey in advance as tickets do sell out.

When booking hotels, Airbnb, try to make sure it has route access, there are many hotels locates throughout Cusco city. If you require any assistance with booking a hotel or would like some recommendations of where to stay then please do not hesitate to contact the TreXperience Team.

Planning your Time In Cusco 

If you have some extra time in Cusco either before or after your TreXperience then we would be happy to help you plan your time or organize excursions:

*  TreXperience offers a free transfer service to and from the airport and your hotel so you don’t have to worry about anything; please provide us with your flight time and number in advance.

*  TreXperience is pleased to offer you 24-hour assistance while you are in Cusco; feel free to call us or visit our office. Our travel staff is happy to assist you with organizing your time in Cusco and planning activities and excursions. We do not charge for this service. Best number to contact +51 957 011 937 (WhatsApp available as well)

Weather In Cusco

Cusco is situated high up in the Andes which makes the weather very hard to forecast. In Cusco, we have two seasons; the rainy season, which runs from November to March, and the dry season which is from April to October. We advise all visitors to prepare for all types of weather by carrying the following items with them at all times; a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and good rain gear. Additionally, many of our treks involve quick transfers from the cold, high mountains to warm, sub-tropical climates. Therefore layers work best! Its always better to be prepared for all weather types so you can concentrate on having the best possible experience.

Altitude sickness or “Soroche”

Cusco city is located at 3300 meters above sea level so the air is thinner here, with less oxygen than you may be used to. Some visitors experience altitude sickness, in particular when they first arrive to the city. We advise all hikers to arrive at least two days prior to their trek to give themselves time to acclimatize. Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes, however, are located much lower – at around 2000 meters – therefore you are less likely to suffer from altitude sickness in these locations. If you do find yourself struggling with the altitude, the following tips should help you:

*  Deep breathing exercises
*  Rest and relax upon your arrival
*  Drinking a lot of water, this will help you adapt faster
*  Coca tea and muña tea from the Andes help to reduce altitude sickness
*  Alcohol and drugs are a big no if you having trouble with the altitude
*  Diamox or Acetazolamide (you can find these medications in any drugstore in Cusco, please check with your Doctor to ensure you are not allergic to any medication)
*  Supplementary oxygen is provided in every hotel in Cusco. If you don’t have access to supplementary oxygen then call us and we will deliver some to you free of charge

How difficult are the treks and tours?

All our TreXperiences are designed so that they can be accomplished by trekkers of every ability. Some sections of the trek are challenging while others are much easier. Remember that nothing is impossible. Our guides are very experienced, they are used to accommodating groups of mixed abilities, and they will, of course, be there to help you. We advise that you exercise regularly prior to your trip and that you arrive in Cusco at least 2 days ahead of your trek to acclimatize to the altitude. Tours to Machu Picchu by trains are comfortable trips and can be done by anybody.

Booking with Trexperience

We want to ensure booking with us convenient and stress free. All we require from you is your deposit and your details (name, passport number and dates of your trek). We will take care or everything. You can pay the remaining balance to us when you arrive to Cusco. All reservations with TreXperience Peru require a 25% deposit per person. Deposits need to paid via PayPal or with a credit card. No booking fees at all. Unfortunately all deposits are non-refundable as they will be used to secure your reservation by purchasing permits and entrance tickets.

Restrictions on the number of visitors to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

The number of visitors to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu are limited by the government. There is a limit of 500 people per day to the Inca Trail and 600 people per shift to Machu Picchu. Additionally, train tickets, tickets to Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain all sell out well in advance. In high seasons hotels may also sell out. We, therefore, recommend you book your trek as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. We are always here to help if you require any support.

Updating passport numbers

If you renew your passport between booking your trek and traveling to Peru then please let us know as far in advance as possible and we will be able to assist you. Don’t forget to send a photocopy of both your passports to info@trexperienceperu.com and bring both passports when you travel.

Do I need to carry my personal belongings?

TreXperience will provide a personal porter for your belongings (up to a maximum of 7 kg in weight) in all treks longer than 3 days. You will be provided with a duffel bag at the briefing (on the night prior to your trek) in which you can pack all your belongings the night before. Please remember this duffel bag also needs to contain your sleeping bag and air mattress. All you need to carry with you on the trek is a small, light daypack for your water, snacks, camera, etc. so you can relax and enjoy the journey! Our porters also carry all the equipment and food required for the trek. The porters will reach the lunch locations and campsites ahead of you and set everything up so it’s ready for your arrival!.

Trekking tours of 1 day and 2 days, we do not use porters, therefore, you need to carry all your belongings in a small and comfortable backpack. If your backpack is small, or you need assistance carrying your stuff, please let us know to help you.

Luggage Storage 

During the trek, you do not need to be concerned about where to store your luggage. If you cannot store it at your hotel then TreXperience are happy to look after it for you. Just have your bags ready and clearly identifiable on the morning of your trek, we will keep them safe and return them to you at the end of your TreXperience when we drop you off at your hotel.

Who gets a discount?

If you have a valid university student card and under 25 or you are under the age of 17 at the time of your trek then you are entitled to a discount of $35. All you need to do is send us a photocopy of your card when making your booking.

Toilets / Showers During The Trek 

At TreXperience we have introduced the latest and finest Porta-potty toilets and hot showers on all our tours to maximize your trekking experience.


Trexperience are proud of their highly talented chefs who never fail to cook up a delightful feast despite being in the middle of the Andean Mountains! All chefs specialize in Andean cuisine and are able to cater for all dietary requirements so please let us know in advance of your needs. All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are provided each day (except lunch on the final day) and the food is both delicious and plentiful.We guarantee the biggest foodies among you won’t fail to be impressed. We will keep those energy levels high with snacks each day and we make sure you have a tea/coffee every morning to wake up and every afternoon to unwind.


TreXperience will provide all the water you need from the first lunch to the last breakfast. This water is boiled, filtered and cooled and so it is perfectly safe to drink. You will need to bring water storage with you – either a camel bag or water bottle(s) – big enough for at least two liters of water. We also ask that you start your trek on the very first morning with your containers full of drinking water so you have enough water to last you until lunchtime. This is because the porters do not have enough time to get to the first breakfast site ahead of you and prepare the drinking water.

Packing Bulky Items

We understand that many visitors to Cusco will be traveling elsewhere both in Peru and beyond and so packing bulky, heavy items can be inconvenient.  We would be able to assist you with acquiring all the items you need for your trek including sleeping bags, trekking poles, air mattresses, hiking shoes, and rain gear. As always, please let us know in advance of your needs.


You may require some additional vaccinations before traveling to Peru. Please don’t forget to consult with your doctor well in advance of your trip so they can advise you. Please check the CDC website of suggested vaccinations for visiting us (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/peru)

Posted on December 24, 2017